7 Months and no word…

So here I am once again. I have to make it clear from the beginning that I have no clear topic or a subject on which I am going to write anything in this post. I have logged back in my account after 7 months and I have no idea how time flew by. Hence, I decided to write something, anything today. Everything I say will be candid, unedited and purely from my heart and emotions.

It has been 7 months and no word at all from me. In the last few months I simply lost track and in a way, I would say I have lost a lot of hobbies and the things that I used to find fun no longer seems to excite me. Writing is clearly one of them. It would be safe to say that I have had nothing informative to share. That explains why I have been “invisible”.

However, I got to say this activity seems enjoyable. It is a change for sure. I can write whatever the hell I want because I am writing for the sake of writing. Technically, I am typing. But there should be something to speak about. We’re just going round and round in circles here and there is no conclusion to it.

It’s 6:22 am at the moment and I haven’t slept all night. Wow. I know I shouldn’t do this but I am young and I want to experiment. Surely I wouldn’t be able to do these kind of things when I grow even older. I would probably crave sleep like I want to hibernate.

So it’s early morning and I was wondering if I should use this opportunity to go out and walk in the park. I could do some jogging and help my belly that is getting obese. Maybe I could go out and get something to eat as well.

I didn’t think I would write such boring things after showing up 7 months later but don’t blame me, mate. I am a common man with a poor lifestyle. We’ve all been there and we’ve all done that. Most of our day consists of boring and mundane schedule. I just hope I will get back in that “zone” of writing and updating my blog from here on once again.

It’s good bye and.. Good morning for now.


Stop pretending

Stop pretending everything’s fine.

Others don’t give a damn neither a dime.

Life struggles are reality, not a sin or a crime.

It’s hard to keep it in,

When everything falls apart and nothing’s fine.


I see others having fun and enjoying.

I just wish all those good things and happiness were mine.

But I am left here, sitting in a small dark room crying.


Wipe the tears flowing from your eyes.

Happy endings are not true, those are lies.

Somebody save me, these inner demons will finish me and lead to my demise.

Even if it happens, I won’t be surprised.

I am used to it now, I won’t go down but I’ll rise.

The only option is to climb upwards.

There is nothing at the end if I go downwards.


Shoot for the moon and hit the stars,

Just to see how much can I travel.

Will I end up here or go too far?


It’s not about reaching the stars,

It’s all about healing those scars.

I suffered from reckless pain back then,

So I will not give up until I breathe or unless I am dead.


Stop pretending things were fine always.

There is nothing to be afraid of and you have already found solace.

You have a family and loads of friends,

nothing to lose and nothing to gain.


Things don’t work like that though,

Reality is real, even if you want it to be unreal, it sometimes seems surreal.

On the surface, nothing is dirty, everything is clear.


Hoping things will get better soon,

‘Cause I feel relaxed and content,

only once in a blue moon.


Trying to think outside the box.

Trying to be as clever as a fox.

Trying to climb up on the longest wall.

Trying to defy all the odds.


Hope is there as it has always been.

I wish to see those things which I have never seen.

Be as noble as I can get, as noble as no one has ever been.


Don’t have a debt under your belt.

It’s hard to repay and impossible to forget.

Lagging behind you is not an option.

Nagging you constantly is only the solution.


I imagine doing things that no one does.

Imagine thinking those things to whom all that never occurs.

Imagine saying things aloud but only find myself whisper.

This life is a struggle, man! It’s a roller coaster.


Don’t waste it on blame games.

No use calling each other lame names.

Focus on your main aim

Haters will have nothing to say but display shame.

That’s when you know you’re a winner.

You’re a real life hero and not a hero in fiction.





What to do when you have nothing to do

Well, it’s a break from college/school and we have nothing much to do. So what should we do?  Ah! Sitting at home all day watching YouTube videos is extremely mundane and boring. There is a need to shake things up a bit, something that will turn this monotonous routine into an exciting one.

1- It is a great time to enjoy your hobbies: You will miss this time once the break is over so better start doing stuff you enjoy. Better late than never.

2- Go out with friends: Well, you must have some friends. Why not go out with them? Go to the mall or just do some fun activities in park. Time spent with friends is always fun.

3- Seek a new adventure: Even little things can make a lot of difference. Take a different route and just visit a new place where you haven’t been before. Surely, it’s fun but be careful as well. You do not want to get lost and never come back home, ha!

4- Expand your social media horizon: You have a lot of time to kill, so expand your social networks. Try different websites. Search something which you have never searched before. You might even learn a new skill.

5- Study: Well, yes it’s break but it doesn’t necessarily means that studying is not allowed. Study the subject which you actually love and which seems interesting to you. Perhaps, psychology is the one subject that appears interesting to almost everyone now a days.

6- Read novels: Again, some people might think it’s boring but actually, once you start reading them you’ll feel like there’s a movie going on inside your head. This feeling is highly addictive as well. Reading novels and connecting with characters provides an opportunity to live different lives and you learn many more things about life.

These are the things that you can do easily during the break from school/college. It is not costly at all so nearly everyone can do it. Good luck and enjoy the holidays.

Adios Amigos!


Red rose growing in my garden, it looks so beautiful.
Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, saying is something special.
Listening to a symphony, an experience which is magical.
All the traumas I faced, leaves me with a shapeless heart like an amorphous white lead powder.

Give another meaning to life, a thought on which I ponder.
Regularly following the same routine is difficult to handle.
Something new is always out there, just need to look over.
Stop looking at the sky all the time, look down, a bit more lower.

So many people I see, it’s harder than you imagine.
Try to live in the shoes of an introvert.
Maybe my mind is going to detonate.
Only few people are out there, with whom I celebrate.

While the danger was impending, I preferred avoiding.
I started to daydream, treacherous tasks were coming.
I wanted to run to that shimmering shoreline.
A tunnel to my energy and an end to my boredom.

I imagine…

I imagine if I could go back to the past.

I imagine if I could change things like that.

I imagine if I could be a totally new person.

I imagine if I could change my life’s purpose.


I imagine if I could time travel.

I imagine if I could see the beginning of this planet.

I imagine if I could start all over again.

I imagine if I could have avoided this pain.

I imagine if I could change my fate.

I imagine if I could meet my soul mate.

I imagine if I could see myself from another person’s eyes.

I imagine if I could witness my own demise.

Well Done!

It was a day like any other but this one little chit-chat forced me to reflect on my current lifestyle. I was talking to a close mate of mine via Facebook when he praised me for my earlier blog post and said “Well done!” Obviously, I was delighted about the fact that someone took their precious time to give me a pleasant feedback and as I was over the moon to receive this benevolent appraisal from my close friend, he told me about something which I was never aware of earlier. I have already stated in my earlier blog post(see https://vibyspeakshismind.wordpress.com/2015/07/07/whos-viby-viby-speaks-his-mind/ ) that I am about to join college so I never had a chance to work part-time. I never knew what it felt like to work and be on your own in real world but this one little conversation forced me to do a reality check and where I am heading in my life and for what I should be prepared so that I’ll be able to handle the pressures that my future is about to provide me. My friend told me that when you go out in a real world and start working then you’ll find lots of amazing people if you’re lucky enough but he also told me that you’re bound to meet people who would be different and might not share the same beliefs and ideas as you do.

images (1)

To be precise, he was as well implying the fact that I would surely meet a lot of “mean” people throughout my life. He told me an incident which kept on repeating throughout his whole professional life. The thing which he told me was that when you’re working, your seniors assign you a job and you do it and get paid for it. He told me you do the assigned job and JUST DO IT! JUST DO IT! Nobody gives a compliment or congratulate you.

Can you imagine working like this? When you have only one job to look forward to and even for that nobody compliments you, you’d apparently feel unimportant at times. What I was actually thinking was that it doesn’t hurt to give a compliment, right? So why don’t people show a bit more admiration for others? Spending day after day, doing a job and realizing that nobody applauds you ever is one of the most devastating feeling I can imagine. If nobody ever complimented my blog, do you think I’d have the courage to keep doing it? The answer is no. It would have been pointless if nobody ever noticed me.


Although, I would have kept writing for the love of it but surely, I wouldn’t share my thoughts on a blog if everyone ignored me. So, after that small conversation with my friend I decided that from now on I’ll try my best to compliment anyone who tries hard in their field. There is a clear lesson to be learned here and that is we should always show our gratitude towards anyone who does a job for us or help us. After we were about to say good-bye to each other I thought it’d be nice if I thank him for all the help and support he has ever provided me. I can tell you that when I said “well done” to him for helping me out whenever I felt a bit down provided me a sense of calmness and I was sure he would’ve liked to hear those words as well.

images (2)

After all, saying “Well Done!” once in a while is never going to hurt anyone.  What do you think?


Physical appearance – Degree of exaggeration!

“Oh! You got a pimple on your face. Ewww! Hide somewhere, people would laugh at you.”

Since our childhood, our elder ones try to teach us that looks don’t matter, it’s the inner beauty of yours that counts but as we grow up, gradually, we learn that physical appearance is an important part of our life. Whether someone accepts it or not but a good-looking person will always have an advantage over less good-looking people especially in an individual’s teen years.

Known celebrities endorse the expensive cosmetic products which enforces the young adults to think about their appearance and that makes them conscious about their overall looks. Even a small pimple can destroy their self esteem and it is heart wrenching to see the people losing their sleep just because of these insignificant reasons.

But what’s makes physical appearance so important? I did a small survey with my close mates about why they think that physical appearance matters a lot. Here are the 5 most common responses I got.

1 – To attract people: This is a very common reason people usually give on this topic. Attraction has a big role to play when you want to win a person’s heart. So, it makes sense to look physically appealing to attract people around you.

2 – Looks overshadow personality: Well, it happens. If you’re a good-looking person then you might have an advantage over other people even if your personality isn’t bright. On the side note, you would rather hang out with a happy-go-lucky kind of a person than a person who comments on your looks time and again.

3- To enhance their self esteem: Well, it is obvious that if you receive tons of attention from the opposite sex or even from the same gender as yours, your self-confidence is bound to enhance. We judge ourselves based on what people think about us so; a good-looking person has a certain advantage over others.

4- You judge a book by its cover: Yes, we have been told that “don’t ever judge a book by its cover” but in reality, this is just “easier said than done”. When we see a pleasant face, we automatically assume that the person must have a good personality. “Halo effect” is at work here. We categorize a person’s entire personality by judging him/her based on one trait.

5- It can manipulate your identity: Nerd, jock, goth or maybe you’re a geek. Are you familiar with these stereotypes? Well, high school kids are meaner than “Mean Girls” sometimes. They call you certain stereotypes and that becomes your identity in the society so, yeah, your looks can have an impact in your overall life.

In the end, I’d just like to say, always be comfortable in your own skin (because you can’t get a new one, hah! unless you get a plastic surgery). But, to be honest, always be happy for what you’ve got because there are always a lot of people who’d love to be with you. What matters in the longer run is that how you treat the people around you.

What’s your gender?-Fake FB profiles!

“I’m not perfect but at least I’m not a fake person.” This quote is needed to be taken literally by some of the people out there. Facebook is a social networking platform which has been helping all of us to connect with our loved ones for over a decade now. It has been a boon especially for those who are unable to contact their family and friends on a regular basis but as every coin has two sides, Facebook hasn’t been an exception. The biggest trouble which is both annoying and excruciating even much more than a terrible heartache after a breakup is realizing that some people do not use this amazing modern day technology for something productive rather they’d make a fake ID to manipulate and play with the emotions of millions of guys who genuinely use it to connect with people. Usually, it’s the guys who’d make a female fake ID to have “fun”. I haven’t seen a lot of girls doing this stuff (I might be wrong) but here I’ll just discuss what I’ve seen.

Fakebook Fakebook (3)

It’s hard to believe someone actually takes pleasure by making a fake FB ID and play with the feelings of people. I mean, come on, you can hang out with friends or watch a movie to have “fun” so what do people actually find so exciting about creating a fake FB ID? That’s a tough question to answer and I’m telling you I don’t know the exact reason but I’ll try to pin-point some possible reasons that might trigger the idea as to why people create a fake FB ID.

I did a very small survey and these are the answers I received.

  1. They have no life Well, that’s quite blunt but I think it’s true as well. Why would you do something? Mainly because you’ve got nothing better to do. I think same happens when a person creates a fake ID, they do so because….well….they do not have a life.
  2. Frustrated with their own gender They want to be someone different. They are fed of their lives and how boring it has become so what do they do? Instead of finding new hobbies they make a fake ID to bring some excitement into their lives.
  3. Developing their social circle– Well, it’s undeniable that girls get a lot of attention, be it on social media or real life. They strive for attention and they get it from innumerable people. So, what’s the best way to enhance your social circle? Make a fake FB profile with a girl’s name and a picture and boom! Here comes a flood of friend requests.
  4. To stalk their crush This was an interesting answer someone gave me. I never thought people could take stalking to a whole new level. I mean, that’s a lot of effort to get to know someone. Well, do it if it feels right. Stalking on social media has become a norm now-a-days, anyway.
  5. To be popular That’s a very, umm.., stupid way to become popular. This thought is natural to come but wait a moment, it’s not stupid after all. I mentioned girls get a lot of attention, right? Well, promote yourself using a fake FB ID and it might be beneficial for you. It’s a good marketing strategy in the end.

These are the 5 possible reasons I received from my experiences and by talking to my close mates and to some extent, all of them are reasonable enough. The last thing I’d like to say is that making a fake FB ID isn’t a big issue. We all are aware about the fact that Facebook is intended to connect with people you already know so in case you add someone unknown and get fooled by that person then all the blame should be on you. Learn more about privacy and avoid sharing too much information on your Facebook. Be careful and ensure that you don’t add too many girl “friends”. Use it wisely and better learn new skills on internet. Don’t underestimate the power of the internet.

Phases of life!

Looking far away at a scenery I imagine how my life turned out to be.
Never guessed what was coming, perplexed I am at the current scenario.
I remember those days when I was a kid and played Nintendo-Super Mario.
Those were the days when melodious tunes and songs needed a stereo.

Things have changed, my fate is strange.
Faces have fade, memories we exchanged.
Everything is new, new life begins here.
Anyone tries to intervene will need courage to do this dare.

Success, failures and attempts we make, everything I’ll share.
Be with me always, you’ll develop empathy and care.
A flood of emotions and feelings will cover our bonding.
The relationship will grow as smooth as a cotton candy.

Looking forward to the future, I am.
It’ll be full of hurdles, irritating just like a traffic jam.
Hard work will bring happiness, just like it does after a final exam.
It’ll make us stronger, inner strength will grow, world will call us a champion!


High School troubles!

Look, listen, analyse, then speak.
Nerd, jock, goth or maybe you’re a geek.
Shouting, crying, combined with a little talking, help you seek.
Leave me, don’t call me, don’t come near me, set me free.
Hate these labels, hate name-calling, can I be me?
Me, myself and I, everyone wish to be.
Does really anyone gives you the permission, actually?
Two-faced, the world is, factually.

It is universal, whether you accept it or reject it.
Caring, sharing and supporting, all of them are a big lie.
The moment of your departure, they say good-bye.
In reality, there’s no “good” in that “bye”.
We are with you always, whenever you cry.
Only you realize later, that was another lie.

Keep going, keep moving forward.
Don’t be submissive, be blunt, be straight-forward.
Otherwise be ready, they’ll call you a coward.
Talk to them, express yourself, even if it gets awkward.
You’ll cherish it, will be glad when the relationship gets warmer.
An exceptional life you’d lead, a great impact you’d leave and it’ll make you immortal.