Bio: I am a young adult who is still exploring and loves many things.I like to share my experiences and opinions on different topics. Different perception towards the world is what we all require. We all are unique and that is what makes the world so delightful and beautiful. Besides, I love writing poems while aiming to write them in a simple manner using simple words. Focus remains highly on helping as many people as possible to comprehend the meaning of them so that more and more people are able to understand them. I've started composing my own tunes not too long ago. I've been trying to learn and gather as much knowledge as possible. For me, learning new skills takes me into another world where I can think about myself at a deeper level and live in my own fantasy world for a while. @VibyVB

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6 thoughts on “About

  1. Its really good to seen that you have channelized your thoughts and ideas into such a brilliant display. Being a teenager myself, I can understand your perception of things and I really agree with your statement that different perception towards the world is today’s necessity.Hope to meet you one day in person! Keep writing and smiling!

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