Hi there!

books, hello, interior, introduction, newblog, newblogger, newpost, plants I’ve been toying with the idea of blogging for a while now. In fact its something I actually started in the early months of 2018, but I lost my motivation or interest (I’m still not quite sure which) either way, the blogging came to an abrupt halt. Until now. I think I always believed […]

Hi there!

We have all been there where we don’t feel inspired to write anymore. As long as you enjoy writing, never stop. Nothing else matters. It is easy to get demotivated but always ensure you get back up after any setback. There are many who want to write but not as many who want to read. Find your niche and read/write as long as you like it.

Anxiety Management | Jahnvi

Sometimes we cannot go to professionals. Sometimes self-care is the option we opt for. I wrote about how worrying does no good. I talked about how nothing will be achieved if we worry, the only thing it’ll cause is an illness. But that doesn’t mean we don’t worry; everyone worries and so do I. Let […]

Anxiety Management | Jahnvi

Highly informative article about anxiety management at the Wellbeing blog. Anyone who finds it tough to cope with negative emotions and cannot afford or want to see a psychologist face to face must give it a read and follow the website. In case you’re running out of ideas to subdue your anxious thoughts then you may find these suggestions helpful and/or share your own methods in the comment box. It may end up assisting someone.


Saltburn cliffs in the afternoon The breeze sang soft, a mournful tune The sun too bright, it’s shadows hung On the saddest song, that can ever be sung We can never know and she can never say What was in her mind as she fell that day But as she took that step without a […]


This poem written by a fellow blogger is quite touching. Full of sorrow, regret and emotions. Suicide is an act which many people look down upon. However, it must be said that it is easy to judge others without stepping into their shoes and walking in the same path which they have been walking on. Suicidal people don’t want to be in that position willingly. The circumstances lead them into that zone like someone falling into a swamp and being unable to get out. Besides, suicide takes a lot of courage. Imagine your mind playing a trick on you and convincing you that you’re worthless and your life is pointless. Your own mind becomes your biggest enemy. How hard would it be to battle against it? Nearly impossible to fathom. Suicide, in no way, is a solution or should be encouraged at all but we all can show a little more understanding to the ones going through such big turmoil.

Do You Have These 6 Bubbly Personality Traits?

Brilliantly executed article. I am an introvert and content being that way however the information provided is relevant to whosoever wants to enhance their personality into the “bubbly” mode. I usually don’t approach people first but unlike that if you want to approach people more then you must give it a read. I just want to add one point regarding the personality traits – that the environment in which you have grown up also plays an enormous role in how you become and behave as you grow older. Nevertheless, good food for thought.

Others love being around a person with a bubbly personality. They’re fun, and easy-to-be-with. So, what would it take for you to be one?

Do You Have These 6 Bubbly Personality Traits?

Psychology is Under Threat!

This post written by a fellow blogger talks about the unprofessional behaviour of some psychologists regarding their client’s wellbeing. I think due to this lack of understanding from them people are forced to create a “toughen-up” mindset. Few decades back when mental health was not given much importance, the older generation had to develop a “deal-with-it” attitude. It appears as if some still have to do this due to lack of professionalism shown by the practitioners.

Perhaps, the lack of perspective is also responsible for such behavior. I am a firm believer in “experience is the best teacher”. Hence, I tend to opine that one cannot understand what the other one is going through unless they have had similar experiences. That is one of the reason why they say “Don’t judge anyone”. I don’t like “pity-party” and anyone showing pity towards me no matter the magnitude of hardships I have gone through in life. I like to believe I can pull through anything and a warrior-like mindset gives me satisfaction but it should not be the case for everyone. Everyone reacts differently and have their own way of dealing with sufferings. While I am more of a practical-solution-oriented person others might handle it differently. Neither way is wrong.

However, practitioners must really be non-judgmental and empathise more since it is their profession and they’re being paid for doing the job. It is a case of being a thorough professional which some are lacking.

Psychology is under threat! But not from the usual suspects of natural scientists or from those who see the study the mind as an aimless pursuit. Today, Psychology is under threat from those who practice it themselves, more specifically, the clinical psychologists. Although, to be fair, I should be calling them certified nonsense-talkers masquerading as […]

Psychology is Under Threat!

Crushing The Dreams

Quickly became unpopular among the sheep
They said I was crushing their dreams
Just telling them the truth and it hurts
Harsh it may be, I say it out of love

Never think about the hard work
Just the result
That’s why they complain
When it’s too difficult

Honest criticism, a hard pill to swallow
They hide in their room, weep and wallow
Saving your time and being blunt is wrong
That wannabe singer sucks and so does his song

I am not a hater though, just a realist
Believe me, remarks are ever present, sometimes I get called pathetic
It’s a part and parcel of putting yourself out there
It’s people’s job to crucify you so you get scared

Crushing the dreams that can never be met
All a waste of time, best to forget
But I am the villain because I am mean
I thought they’d become adult once they were eighteen

Sheep never learns
Tell them the truth
Crush their dreams
Hear them scream

People will misunderstand if you disagree
Term you the “bad guy” for your honesty
Let them live in their own bubble
One day it’ll burst and they’ll be in trouble

Immature Kid

A couple years back, an old man said that I was mature beyond my age
But if you ask a random teen girl, she would call me an idiot with an exhausted face
Doesn’t matter if I tried to stay fit, run a mile everyday, and beat everyone in a sprint race
Now I look like a guy whose hair are about to turn grey
Well, that’s what they say.
So guess, I’m an immature kid
Who doesn’t have control over his impulse
Someone who’ll shoot himself in the foot and eventually self destruct
That’s wrong on so many levels
You don’t know me that well if you think I am going to put myself in trouble
Got enough intelligence to leave before a situation gets too bad
Like a family gets abandoned by a deadbeat dad

An immature kid who talks maturely
Not even difficult to find, it is a rarity
Calling a saint a sinner is blasphemy
If I act rude to someone, that’s on me
I’ll accept my mistake and issue an apology
In this land, everyone does shady deeds
Some give a helping hand to someone who’s in need
I’ll give my both hands to grab you up when you’re down
But if you turn against me, I’ll throw you in water and won’t let you out till you drown

So, still one would think I’m an immature kid
Despite me being twenty one and having many more years to live
Just think about the capacity I have at the moment
After ten years, I probably will be even more solemn
And what if I find solace in being soul less?
Least, it makes me more self aware
Drives me through each day without giving a care
Helps in covering my emotions with thick layers
That’s why I don’t feel the need to have everyday prayers
Have had some rough moments, had my fair share
So if you still think it’s a lack of maturity
Then I can’t keep giving you security
I’ll let you dig deeper in your own insecurity

Gun In The Drawer

I open my drawer, take out a gun
Think about shooting myself in the head, wouldn’t it be fun?
They say it’s an act of cowardice
But it’s a choice about how one dies
It’s an option, not for everyone I believe
Some people have no other option, they just want to leave
In my own home, I act like I am a thief
For some reason, I feel someone’s watching me
Guilty for pondering the thought of coming to an end
But what can I do? I am reaching a dead-end
I search for someone who can be a true friend
Who would actually care and not just pretend

With a grin on my face, I go to bed
“Let’s put this off til tomorrow”, I said
I’ll wake up in the morning, start a new day
I’ll get to open my eyes and see the sun rays
Sunshine will blossom and send a positive vibe
Only to let the night kick in later, finishing all the hype
It will get dark, I’ll see myself in a different light
With this thought I see myself in another world yet again
I am dreaming and this world feels like a better place

Eyes open, day is new, same old reality
After finishing work I am back in a room that is empty
I sit on a chair, put on some music
Listening to it everyday makes it no longer therapeutic
I don’t want to listen to it, rather have it muted
I get up, a tortured soul crying for help, I hate myself

Open the drawer, take out a gun
I no longer have the will to see the sun
Moon looks mesmerizing with its glimmering glow
The world is a quiet place, everything seems to be moving so slow
I put the gun on my forehead this time
This is probably going to be my last night

Rush flows through my veins
Eyes are watery, tears roll down like a rain
As I am about to pull the trigger
I stop to think and look at my fingers
They are trembling with fear
Just one move, and the end will be near
I think deeply and the thought lingers
I do realize I was failing to see the bigger picture

So I put the gun back where it belongs
What I was about to do was wrong
I am defeated, I beg for some mercy
My head spins and my vision goes blurry
I wake up to the birds singing outside
Kids playing in the park, riding on a slide
If I ever want a company, the true friend will stay with me
It will be there through thick and thin
Only the gun in my drawer can grant me my wish

In a bubble

I live in my own bubble
Avoid all troubles
I just want to lay back, have no struggles
No rush, no hustle
In my own world, I make the rules
Grow a fruit and eat it too
Don’t want any orders
Maybe I have antisocial disorder

Have this hatred for authority
They take advantage of seniority
I thought I would change once I turned twenty
It keeps getting stronger, to hate them is my duty
I try to think differently
But it’s the way I am, it’s just me
Next morning I will wake up and decide to change
It’s plain old routine, it’s the fault of my brain

It’s a pattern I am stuck into
Thoughts just strike me out of the blue
I am unable to express them coherently
It’s a testimony of my limited ability
Realizing it is a sign of maturity
I tell myself this, to make myself feel happy

I live in my own bubble
Not asking for any trouble
My fate is a jigsaw puzzle
That I cannot seem to solve
I try to find myself but keep getting lost
Writing worthless lines to keep me entertained
‘Cause I know with it, there’s nothing to gain

7 Months and no word…

So here I am once again. I have to make it clear from the beginning that I have no clear topic or a subject on which I am going to write anything in this post. I have logged back in my account after 7 months and I have no idea how time flew by. Hence, I decided to write something, anything today. Everything I say will be candid, unedited and purely from my heart and emotions.

It has been 7 months and no word at all from me. In the last few months I simply lost track and in a way, I would say I have lost a lot of hobbies and the things that I used to find fun no longer seems to excite me. Writing is clearly one of them. It would be safe to say that I have had nothing informative to share. That explains why I have been “invisible”.

However, I got to say this activity seems enjoyable. It is a change for sure. I can write whatever the hell I want because I am writing for the sake of writing. Technically, I am typing. But there should be something to speak about. We’re just going round and round in circles here and there is no conclusion to it.

It’s 6:22 am at the moment and I haven’t slept all night. Wow. I know I shouldn’t do this but I am young and I want to experiment. Surely I wouldn’t be able to do these kind of things when I grow even older. I would probably crave sleep like I want to hibernate.

So it’s early morning and I was wondering if I should use this opportunity to go out and walk in the park. I could do some jogging and help my belly that is getting obese. Maybe I could go out and get something to eat as well.

I didn’t think I would write such boring things after showing up 7 months later but don’t blame me, mate. I am a common man with a poor lifestyle. We’ve all been there and we’ve all done that. Most of our day consists of boring and mundane schedule. I just hope I will get back in that “zone” of writing and updating my blog from here on once again.

It’s good bye and.. Good morning for now.