Looking far away at a scenery I imagine how my life turned out to be.
Never guessed what was coming, perplexed I am at the current scenario.
I remember those days when I was a kid and played Nintendo-Super Mario.
Those were the days when melodious tunes and songs needed a stereo.

Things have changed, my fate is strange.
Faces have fade, memories we exchanged.
Everything is new, new life begins here.
Anyone tries to intervene will need courage to do this dare.

Success, failures and attempts we make, everything I’ll share.
Be with me always, you’ll develop empathy and care.
A flood of emotions and feelings will cover our bonding.
The relationship will grow as smooth as a cotton candy.

Looking forward to the future, I am.
It’ll be full of hurdles, irritating just like a traffic jam.
Hard work will bring happiness, just like it does after a final exam.
It’ll make us stronger, inner strength will grow, world will call us a champion!