Stop pretending

Stop pretending everything’s fine.

Others don’t give a damn neither a dime.

Life struggles are reality, not a sin or a crime.

It’s hard to keep it in,

When everything falls apart and nothing’s fine.


I see others having fun and enjoying.

I just wish all those good things and happiness were mine.

But I am left here, sitting in a small dark room crying.


Wipe the tears flowing from your eyes.

Happy endings are not true, those are lies.

Somebody save me, these inner demons will finish me and lead to my demise.

Even if it happens, I won’t be surprised.

I am used to it now, I won’t go down but I’ll rise.

The only option is to climb upwards.

There is nothing at the end if I go downwards.


Shoot for the moon and hit the stars,

Just to see how much can I travel.

Will I end up here or go too far?


It’s not about reaching the stars,

It’s all about healing those scars.

I suffered from reckless pain back then,

So I will not give up until I breathe or unless I am dead.


Stop pretending things were fine always.

There is nothing to be afraid of and you have already found solace.

You have a family and loads of friends,

nothing to lose and nothing to gain.


Things don’t work like that though,

Reality is real, even if you want it to be unreal, it sometimes seems surreal.

On the surface, nothing is dirty, everything is clear.


Hoping things will get better soon,

‘Cause I feel relaxed and content,

only once in a blue moon.


Trying to think outside the box.

Trying to be as clever as a fox.

Trying to climb up on the longest wall.

Trying to defy all the odds.


Hope is there as it has always been.

I wish to see those things which I have never seen.

Be as noble as I can get, as noble as no one has ever been.


Don’t have a debt under your belt.

It’s hard to repay and impossible to forget.

Lagging behind you is not an option.

Nagging you constantly is only the solution.


I imagine doing things that no one does.

Imagine thinking those things to whom all that never occurs.

Imagine saying things aloud but only find myself whisper.

This life is a struggle, man! It’s a roller coaster.


Don’t waste it on blame games.

No use calling each other lame names.

Focus on your main aim

Haters will have nothing to say but display shame.

That’s when you know you’re a winner.

You’re a real life hero and not a hero in fiction.






Vibhor Sharma vs Viby atray!

Sometimes I feel like I have an alter ego. Just like I see Eminem having “Slim Shady” as his alter ego, I also feel like that “Vibhor Sharma” and “Viby Atray” are quite the different personality altogether. I started using the name “Viby Atray” only when I began blogging and due to the fact that “Viby” was a nickname given to me by a close friend and “Atray” is my real surname which sounds cool to me, I started using this name at different platforms. It was like I gave a birth to a totally new person because Vibhor Sharma is someone who cannot write peoms/articles/compose music (EDM)/Draw sketches etc. He is someone who lacks self esteem, is not talkative, cannot handle a lot of stress, gets nervous, sometimes a bit clumsy and he just isn’t open to a lot of experiences. On the other hand, “Viby Atray” is more of a “cool” guy. Atray can write poems, draw sketches, write articles, interested in human psychology, doesn’t get stressed out, have high self esteem, interested in learning EDM/DAW, wants to speak his mind and he is also open to new experiences. One night I was talking to a friend and I told her that my real surname is “Atray” and not “Sharma”. She got really confused and asked me who was I.


She couldn’t understand what I was trying to say and right then it hit me and I realized that I needed to ask one question to myself. Who am I? (See also: )

Basically, I just had to tell her what name I use on official documents and what my real name is but I started thinking about it a bit too deeply. I was wondering who I actually was? I am a totally different person sometimes and right there I just got the answer. I realized I was “Vibhor Sharma” who wanted to become like “Viby Atray”. I was so fond of Atray because of his charming persona and his ability to read, write and comprehend. I wanted to be that guy in real life as well. I still struggle to become “Viby Atray” and I am still not up to his standards. So, from this day onward, my aim would be to make a fusion of these two people, i.e, “Vibhor Sharma” and “Viby Atray” because I am sure this combination has the power to change the life of “Vibhor Sharma” who needs a role model and a kick start to find the motivation. I believe “Viby Atray” is that person who can change the fortune of “Vibhor Sharma” in the coming years.

Talent Redefined!

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  • Talent Redefined.

“Talent is something you can find in the littlest skill and daily tasks that you’ve been able to learn and perform during your stay on the planet Earth.”

The above quote can be interpreted as the talent is something which can be defined as in every task that you do. For me, talent is not something which can be declared as ‘big’ or ‘small’. We cannot determine what should be considered as a talent and what should not be considered as one. Talent lies everywhere in the actions that you execute on a daily basis. For exempli gratia, there is a time when you are a new-born baby not knowing how to talk or convey your messages to your family. Gradually, as you grow up each day, your parents put up the effort to teach you how to make vowel sounds and slowly as you keep babbling and mumbling the vowels you also start picking up the consonants and starts to speak out the words fluently and conveniently. This is the stage which can be defined as a ‘talent’. You didn’t know about the language when you were born. It is something which you learned by the help of the people surrounding you. They taught you and that is the only reason why you are able to speak words fluently and remember them for a long term. It can be called as a talent because it helps an individual to evolve. This is a fundamental aspect for self-growth and a person’s evolution. It is only when you learn how to speak, be it any language; you can define your identity to the world. That is why I referred it as a “talent” as it opens up a new gateway to establish yourself in the world and sets you up to leave a mark in the history of mankind.  Apparently, speaking is something which most people can do but speaking effectively is something which not everyone can do unless they practice enough to be able to do so.  So, learning to talk is a talent. Whenever anyone says or thinks that you don’t have a talent, remind them that you’re able to talk and it is a talent.

Like in the above example, we saw that talking is a talent. I’d say similar to that, everything you do each day like walking, sleeping, singing, dancing, writing, driving a car, bicycling, discovering your soul, emotions, finding your inner self, closely giving a thought about yourself etc. is a talent.  Look, talent is not what you can do what others can’t do because all these things are interconnected and there is no one who can do a task all by himself. Sometimes, people assume that singers, musicians, dancers, writers etc. do not require anyone as they have a talent and they can achieve anything all by themselves but it is not true at all. Even they need people to help them out and they all work as a team. This is why I said it’s all interdependent because you need a Sound Engineer to help a singer/musician to make a song effective and pleasant to hear (team work). You need Editors and a publisher to publish the work of a writer/poet (team work). They alone are not capable enough to do all the tasks by themselves. It’s all a team work in the end. The work of the publisher, editor, sound engineer, architect, property-dealer requires talent. Driving a car is not all that easy as well. You have to get the license after your training and this is actually something which everyone can’t do. Lots of people fail to learn driving all their life.

As a matter of fact, I’ve seen plenty of people, especially teenagers, saying that they don’t have a ‘talent’. The question arises here is what is a talent? How do you define talent? For all those who believe that they don’t have a talent should redefine the meaning of talent and comprehend the basic aim of having a talent. As I stated earlier as well, every daily task you’re doing is a talent. Bathing, walking, talking etc. are everything that is under the category of being talented. Sure, almost everyone can do these tasks but everyone can sing as well. The difference is being about sounding pleasant or not-so-pleasant. Everything we do is a talent.
Basically, what I believe is, talent, in other expression, is something which must help a person in his/her self-growth and self-fulfilment helping him/her in evolving as a person and bringing up changes for the betterment of that particular person. While experiencing the joy of self-enrichment, the person learns new skills with an aim to just enjoy them and finding fun in those hobbies. If you are having pleasure when you are doing the stuff which you like then the perception of the world will not matter. Only the inner world which entirely belongs to you will hold an importance. If you believe you’ve a talent then it’ll make it easier to develop it even further. However, talent does not guarantee you fame and fortune.
Don’t believe in a misconception that it will provide you all the luxury. Talent is to be enriched and not to be looked as a way to have success and becoming popular. If it comes in your way, then be grateful to achieve it. Do not run after it. Don’t chase the luxury. Enrich and grow the talent you have. Focus only on that, nothing else.

So, the bottom line is:

For me, talent is something which needs to be looked as a way to grow your soul and mind and it can be found in each little task that you can do during your lifetime.

Are you a night owl or an Early Bird?


First of all, I am not calling you an owl or a bird if you haven’t figured out the meaning of it yet. A night owl is someone who tends to stay up late at night or in simple expression, we can say, someone who does not like to sleep early. An early bird, as you must’ve known or if not, then you’d have probably guessed it already, is someone who likes and tends to sleep early and wake up early the next morning. Our elders, our teachers and just about every other person we know, always advice us that it is advantageous to sleep early as it provides ample amount of benefits and makes you more energetic as well as enthusiastic during the day. From last few years, I have developed a habit of staying up late. A lot of people now a days have developed this habit because of the internet. It is quite addictive, right? Well, there are so many other reasons as well though besides surfing the internet all night long till twilight knocks on the door of another wonderful day. Like, one can be you’re being chatting with your significant other who is living some distance from you due to work and you’re missing him/her so badly that you can’t resist but to talk and you’re just so unable to let go. You just keep on tossing and turning the whole night and before you realise, the night has bid good bye already and you sit there on your bed worrying how would you spend an entire restless day at the office.

no 1

One more reason can be that your mind is active only during the night. This is something which I also experience every night while I’m in bed with a blanket covering me from head to toe and hoping the sleep-fairy will put me into a deep sweet-sound sleep and fetch me a sublime dream. Alas! It just never happens. Maybe, my sleeping schedule needs a bit of work and rescheduling. But, for some reason, over the last few years I’ve apparently become a night owl. I have noticed that it is actually a lot easier to do creative tasks at the moment during which the silence seems more beautiful and comforting as well as soothing even than a musical masterpiece from a well-known musician as it makes you feel calm and you are desperately waiting for that shimmering ray of sunlight which is also craving to fall onto the glass table through the window which will be wide open soon as the chilly blows of wind will fade away somewhere you wouldn’t be able to meet them until the evening. It has been psychologically proven that your mind is more active during the night than during the day as well. it just makes every creative task a lot easier and peaceful to do at night. So, I wonder if I can find someone who is exactly same as me or have a similar kind of lifestyle as mine. I will keep on wondering until I find somebody.

no 2

Is That A Waste Of Time?

waste of  time.jpg 3
Utilise each moment!

Doesn’t matter if I go out to take a brisk walk or for a thunderous sprint or a light jogging. It does not matter as well even when I am writing a blog post or a poem or composing yet another instrumental track. People, even who are actually close to me more often than not do not hesitate to write me off. As I get into a random conversation every time with an intimate friend or my family members, this is one topic which always comes up even if I try my best to avoid it.

“Why do you waste your time on ‘these things’?” they ask ignorantly. “It gives me a sense of fulfilment. A sense of purpose. I feel good about myself and there is so much of joy when I’m experimenting with different activities. I like sharing my thoughts and skills” I give a reply with full confidence and belief. “It is a waste of time. You will not gain anything out of it.” they say glibly.

waste of  time.jpg 2
It’s beneficial to waste your time on this!

What is the definition of success? What do they actually mean by gaining success? I think success cannot be only defined in only one way. The meaning of success varies from person to person, things to things, perception to perception. So, there cannot be only one way to define what success actually means.

Everyone has their own definitive way of describing the concept of success. For some it is the money, for several it is the amount of friends that they have got. For people like me, it is a sense of enjoyment, fulfilment, purpose and a feeling of pure relaxation and happiness. Whenever anyone asks me the question, be it a stranger or an acquaintance or a close friend, about the reason as to why do I waste my time on ‘these things’, I just tell them because I like it and nothing else is required.

Now, for an instance → Everyday all of us use swear words due to a sudden outburst or due to the annoyance and frustration. We all do that. It is quite natural as well and sometimes also the lone way to let out our anger. However, it does not sound pleasant. We know we should never do it yet everyone loses their mind at some point.

The point that must be noted here is that we should not do it, then why do we do it? Isn’t that a waste of time? Referring to that ‘waste of time‘ logic, wouldn’t that will make everything, every task a waste of time in the world? I think it is actually absurd to think that skills like writing, reading, playing instruments, sketching, drawing, bike riding, dancing, story telling is a waste of time. If you believe it is a way to kill your precious time, then I’d also suggest you to stop eating, bathing, watching T.V, surfing the internet, chatting with your friend. Heck, I’d also recommend why don’t you just stop breathing then? I just want to convey that if you have the wrong thinking pattern and mindset, then you’d also find these basic-daily activities also a waste of time.

Always remember and keep it in your mind and lock it somewhere in the cage of your wisdom that “Things are a waste of time only if you THINK they are a waste of time”.

waste time
Always Remember!

Cherishing the Life!

At times, you get sad , feel dejected as well as feel like giving everything up. On how many occasions, you would have said that you cannot take this any more, that you are tired of feeling like a lost person in a big crowd and just about the time you feel like losing yourself. We all go through that phase at least once or maybe several times. Over the years, I have realised it is quite common to feel distressed in periodic intervals. Whether  it is because of losing your job, scoring less marks as per your expectations in an exam, losing someone you loved with the bottom of your heart or it can be anything. In these difficult times, all you think how terrible and valueless life is. It seems like a bright sunny day suddenly turned into a dark-gloomy day. But, all you have to keep reminding yourself is that life is worth living and it is full of ups and downs. While there always be times of broken trust, misunderstanding, grief and sorrows, there are still plenty of things to love about this delightful world.


Whenever you feel like giving it all up altogether, just think how it feels when you see someone on the street and not having the things you have and knowing that they would feel so miserable by not being in your place. You would recognize the small things you are having are not unworthy at all. As they say, we only appreciate the things once we have lost them. That is when we all realize the true value of everything we have or we once had. So, every time you feel like throwing away the precious things you are having at this moment, remind yourself that there are people out there who would be desperate to be in your shoes.

Having said about thinking of the people less fortunate than you, I also know people have their own problems in their everyday life and it is really not that easy to just forget about all your worries all at once with a blink of an eye. It takes time and also a bit of practice. But, that goes with everything you would like and want to do, right? So, don’t ever hesitate to practice it as I can guarantee it is for your own good. Start by appreciating the small things around you. For example, when you wake up in the morning and you’re just about to get out of your dream world, just try to say “Today is a really beautiful day and I shall make this as the best day of my life.” Whenever you see someone in the morning, smile at them and give a nice compliment. You would be amazed to see how much of a difference it can make in your personality over a period of time. As time flies, you will start becoming a positive person altogether and will change for the better. Slowly, you will also start appreciating the things around you even more and concentrate less on your everyday worries and tensions. Cherish the life, because it’s WORTH IT!

The Lost Childhood !

The innocent look you had on your tiny little face. The charm you had, once in your squeaky delightful voice. All that has been vanished and now it is hidden somewhere at the place which you have never visited and neither you can visit it even if you’re willing to do so. It is sad, isn’t it? Some of the people around might be glad, though. But there are those times of nostalgia when you are reminded of every littlest things you did when you were a child. Sadly, if you are reading this right now then there are high chances that you have said goodbye to your childhood long time ago. Through this discussion, I aim to remind you of the things you used to do when you were still a cute-innocent, sometimes naughty and naive, little kid with a pure heart of gold.

The first and the foremost thing I can think of is playing outsideNow that you’ve grown up, most probably you do not get too much time for playing due to the other priorities you’re having in your life whether it is your studies or your job or any other thing which is more important for you. You must remember when we never had any troubles and worries and most of the time used to spend in imagining new ideas and playing outside in the green beautiful park when the cold yet not-so-cold wind blew your hairs and you felt the freedom while running at full speed with all your might. Yeah, wasn’t it awesome? Yes, what a beautiful time was that!

Rock-Paper-Scissors! Have you ever played this game? I’m sure you must have played it. If not, then well, you can play it now. I know it is not that interesting now as it used to be but hey! it depends on you whether you like it or not. So I’ll just leave it to you if you want to try this or not. For those who have played it, must remember how cool it was back then. There were like these games which we enjoyed and think about it now, it would never be as cool as it was back then because now we all have those high-graphic digital games which are, according to most of today’s kids, are more interesting than any other game.


Finding fun in everything!  When I was a kid, I used to laugh at my own jokes, my own singing, my own dancing and make fun of literally everything I did without getting too conscious about it. But look at me now or maybe you can also relate to me, now even if someone laughs at me for doing silly things I get too anxious and nervous about it and it has become so harder to take things lightly as I used to be. We never worried back then about what we did or what others felt about us. We had that unique talent to laugh at the most embarrassing moments of our life and not even care about it later. That talent has been lost somewhere. Somewhere which we haven’t discovered yet and I don’t believe we would be able to discover it any time soon. 

You can find childhood in the face of every kid around your neighbourhood but your own childhood would never come back again. We often become downhearted whenever we think about the past and the wonderful time we had when were kids and it is natural to be so but one thing we always have to remember is that we should be grateful that we had that beautiful time of our life and we lived through it.

Uncommon the Common: Judgement!

People often tends to tell you about that how much they hate it whenever someone judges them, no one truly wants to know about themselves from other’s point of view and rightly so as it does not necessarily gives a clear reflection of one’s personality. So it can be concluded that most of the people(almost everyone) never likes it when a person tells them about themselves. On the other side of the coin, it is a fact that every single individual living on this planet judge the other person at one point of time and generally we do that to other people everyday. The truth is we all judge people whether we like it or not we’ll always get judged by somebody. Sometimes you can judge people without even realising it like how you’re right now judging the writer of this discussion, either in a positive way or in a negative way. That is not my business,right? The last line I said is a typical response of a person when s/he gets judged by the other person, is that true? I know it’s true because I’ve heard that “none of my business” thing thousand times till now and that is quite a good way to respond to any kind of judgement so no argument on that.

In this article, I am going to list down 3 reasons why should everyone stop judging each other.So you need to read this —

Fully aware? – Do you  think you know everything about that person? We often

base our impression of a person by sometimes even just by glancing at them. You

must’ve heard that phrase also “First impression is the last impression”. I think

that is not true for everything especially while talking about a human being

because you know people constantly changes so you can never really tell about

their personality in few meetings.

You’re also Imperfect – Come on! you know it. Everyone else knows it. You’re not perfect and no one actually is. Even the most intellectual or philosophical person that has ever lived or is still living is not perfect in everything so you got to keep in mind that other people are not perfect either. All of us have drawbacks just live with it dude.

♦Everyone has their opinions – yes, there are millions of people other than you and all can have their point of views. You may not like something but that doesn’t mean everyone else also don’t like it. It goes with everything in the world. Few people like this and that, few dislike this and that so really if you dislike something why not just ignore it? It will save your time and everyone else’s as well.

So I tried to keep it short and simple. I just listed out these 3 points but there are hundreds of points about it if you really start to discuss it on a deeper level. I hope you’d also become a better person everyday and try not to judge the people around you so much. Judging just creates controversies most of the times so why not avoid it for at least your own sake? Good day and have a healthy life.