The Lost Childhood !

The innocent look you had on your tiny little face. The charm you had, once in your squeaky delightful voice. All that has been vanished and now it is hidden somewhere at the place which you have never visited and neither you can visit it even if you’re willing to do so. It is sad, isn’t it? Some of the people around might be glad, though. But there are those times of nostalgia when you are reminded of every littlest things you did when you were a child. Sadly, if you are reading this right now then there are high chances that you have said goodbye to your childhood long time ago. Through this discussion, I aim to remind you of the things you used to do when you were still a cute-innocent, sometimes naughty and naive, little kid with a pure heart of gold.

The first and the foremost thing I can think of is playing outsideNow that you’ve grown up, most probably you do not get too much time for playing due to the other priorities you’re having in your life whether it is your studies or your job or any other thing which is more important for you. You must remember when we never had any troubles and worries and most of the time used to spend in imagining new ideas and playing outside in the green beautiful park when the cold yet not-so-cold wind blew your hairs and you felt the freedom while running at full speed with all your might. Yeah, wasn’t it awesome? Yes, what a beautiful time was that!

Rock-Paper-Scissors! Have you ever played this game? I’m sure you must have played it. If not, then well, you can play it now. I know it is not that interesting now as it used to be but hey! it depends on you whether you like it or not. So I’ll just leave it to you if you want to try this or not. For those who have played it, must remember how cool it was back then. There were like these games which we enjoyed and think about it now, it would never be as cool as it was back then because now we all have those high-graphic digital games which are, according to most of today’s kids, are more interesting than any other game.


Finding fun in everything!  When I was a kid, I used to laugh at my own jokes, my own singing, my own dancing and make fun of literally everything I did without getting too conscious about it. But look at me now or maybe you can also relate to me, now even if someone laughs at me for doing silly things I get too anxious and nervous about it and it has become so harder to take things lightly as I used to be. We never worried back then about what we did or what others felt about us. We had that unique talent to laugh at the most embarrassing moments of our life and not even care about it later. That talent has been lost somewhere. Somewhere which we haven’t discovered yet and I don’t believe we would be able to discover it any time soon. 

You can find childhood in the face of every kid around your neighbourhood but your own childhood would never come back again. We often become downhearted whenever we think about the past and the wonderful time we had when were kids and it is natural to be so but one thing we always have to remember is that we should be grateful that we had that beautiful time of our life and we lived through it.


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