Uncommon the Common: Judgement!

People often tends to tell you about that how much they hate it whenever someone judges them, no one truly wants to know about themselves from other’s point of view and rightly so as it does not necessarily gives a clear reflection of one’s personality. So it can be concluded that most of the people(almost everyone) never likes it when a person tells them about themselves. On the other side of the coin, it is a fact that every single individual living on this planet judge the other person at one point of time and generally we do that to other people everyday. The truth is we all judge people whether we like it or not we’ll always get judged by somebody. Sometimes you can judge people without even realising it like how you’re right now judging the writer of this discussion, either in a positive way or in a negative way. That is not my business,right? The last line I said is a typical response of a person when s/he gets judged by the other person, is that true? I know it’s true because I’ve heard that “none of my business” thing thousand times till now and that is quite a good way to respond to any kind of judgement so no argument on that.

In this article, I am going to list down 3 reasons why should everyone stop judging each other.So you need to read this —

Fully aware? – Do you  think you know everything about that person? We often

base our impression of a person by sometimes even just by glancing at them. You

must’ve heard that phrase also “First impression is the last impression”. I think

that is not true for everything especially while talking about a human being

because you know people constantly changes so you can never really tell about

their personality in few meetings.

You’re also Imperfect – Come on! you know it. Everyone else knows it. You’re not perfect and no one actually is. Even the most intellectual or philosophical person that has ever lived or is still living is not perfect in everything so you got to keep in mind that other people are not perfect either. All of us have drawbacks just live with it dude.

♦Everyone has their opinions – yes, there are millions of people other than you and all can have their point of views. You may not like something but that doesn’t mean everyone else also don’t like it. It goes with everything in the world. Few people like this and that, few dislike this and that so really if you dislike something why not just ignore it? It will save your time and everyone else’s as well.

So I tried to keep it short and simple. I just listed out these 3 points but there are hundreds of points about it if you really start to discuss it on a deeper level. I hope you’d also become a better person everyday and try not to judge the people around you so much. Judging just creates controversies most of the times so why not avoid it for at least your own sake? Good day and have a healthy life.


4 thoughts on “Uncommon the Common: Judgement!

  1. The post has a lovely message. We shouldn’t judge people based on single glances that are short-lived and trivial. Keep writing and reviewing and you’ll get way better than you already are.
    Best Wishes.
    Aakansha. 🙂


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