Is That A Waste Of Time?

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Utilise each moment!

Doesn’t matter if I go out to take a brisk walk or for a thunderous sprint or a light jogging. It does not matter as well even when I am writing a blog post or a poem or composing yet another instrumental track. People, even who are actually close to me more often than not do not hesitate to write me off. As I get into a random conversation every time with an intimate friend or my family members, this is one topic which always comes up even if I try my best to avoid it.

“Why do you waste your time on ‘these things’?” they ask ignorantly. “It gives me a sense of fulfilment. A sense of purpose. I feel good about myself and there is so much of joy when I’m experimenting with different activities. I like sharing my thoughts and skills” I give a reply with full confidence and belief. “It is a waste of time. You will not gain anything out of it.” they say glibly.

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It’s beneficial to waste your time on this!

What is the definition of success? What do they actually mean by gaining success? I think success cannot be only defined in only one way. The meaning of success varies from person to person, things to things, perception to perception. So, there cannot be only one way to define what success actually means.

Everyone has their own definitive way of describing the concept of success. For some it is the money, for several it is the amount of friends that they have got. For people like me, it is a sense of enjoyment, fulfilment, purpose and a feeling of pure relaxation and happiness. Whenever anyone asks me the question, be it a stranger or an acquaintance or a close friend, about the reason as to why do I waste my time on ‘these things’, I just tell them because I like it and nothing else is required.

Now, for an instance → Everyday all of us use swear words due to a sudden outburst or due to the annoyance and frustration. We all do that. It is quite natural as well and sometimes also the lone way to let out our anger. However, it does not sound pleasant. We know we should never do it yet everyone loses their mind at some point.

The point that must be noted here is that we should not do it, then why do we do it? Isn’t that a waste of time? Referring to that ‘waste of time‘ logic, wouldn’t that will make everything, every task a waste of time in the world? I think it is actually absurd to think that skills like writing, reading, playing instruments, sketching, drawing, bike riding, dancing, story telling is a waste of time. If you believe it is a way to kill your precious time, then I’d also suggest you to stop eating, bathing, watching T.V, surfing the internet, chatting with your friend. Heck, I’d also recommend why don’t you just stop breathing then? I just want to convey that if you have the wrong thinking pattern and mindset, then you’d also find these basic-daily activities also a waste of time.

Always remember and keep it in your mind and lock it somewhere in the cage of your wisdom that “Things are a waste of time only if you THINK they are a waste of time”.

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Always Remember!


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