Cherishing the Life!

At times, you get sad , feel dejected as well as feel like giving everything up. On how many occasions, you would have said that you cannot take this any more, that you are tired of feeling like a lost person in a big crowd and just about the time you feel like losing yourself. We all go through that phase at least once or maybe several times. Over the years, I have realised it is quite common to feel distressed in periodic intervals. Whether  it is because of losing your job, scoring less marks as per your expectations in an exam, losing someone you loved with the bottom of your heart or it can be anything. In these difficult times, all you think how terrible and valueless life is. It seems like a bright sunny day suddenly turned into a dark-gloomy day. But, all you have to keep reminding yourself is that life is worth living and it is full of ups and downs. While there always be times of broken trust, misunderstanding, grief and sorrows, there are still plenty of things to love about this delightful world.


Whenever you feel like giving it all up altogether, just think how it feels when you see someone on the street and not having the things you have and knowing that they would feel so miserable by not being in your place. You would recognize the small things you are having are not unworthy at all. As they say, we only appreciate the things once we have lost them. That is when we all realize the true value of everything we have or we once had. So, every time you feel like throwing away the precious things you are having at this moment, remind yourself that there are people out there who would be desperate to be in your shoes.

Having said about thinking of the people less fortunate than you, I also know people have their own problems in their everyday life and it is really not that easy to just forget about all your worries all at once with a blink of an eye. It takes time and also a bit of practice. But, that goes with everything you would like and want to do, right? So, don’t ever hesitate to practice it as I can guarantee it is for your own good. Start by appreciating the small things around you. For example, when you wake up in the morning and you’re just about to get out of your dream world, just try to say “Today is a really beautiful day and I shall make this as the best day of my life.” Whenever you see someone in the morning, smile at them and give a nice compliment. You would be amazed to see how much of a difference it can make in your personality over a period of time. As time flies, you will start becoming a positive person altogether and will change for the better. Slowly, you will also start appreciating the things around you even more and concentrate less on your everyday worries and tensions. Cherish the life, because it’s WORTH IT!


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