Stop pretending

Stop pretending everything’s fine.

Others don’t give a damn neither a dime.

Life struggles are reality, not a sin or a crime.

It’s hard to keep it in,

When everything falls apart and nothing’s fine.


I see others having fun and enjoying.

I just wish all those good things and happiness were mine.

But I am left here, sitting in a small dark room crying.


Wipe the tears flowing from your eyes.

Happy endings are not true, those are lies.

Somebody save me, these inner demons will finish me and lead to my demise.

Even if it happens, I won’t be surprised.

I am used to it now, I won’t go down but I’ll rise.

The only option is to climb upwards.

There is nothing at the end if I go downwards.


Shoot for the moon and hit the stars,

Just to see how much can I travel.

Will I end up here or go too far?


It’s not about reaching the stars,

It’s all about healing those scars.

I suffered from reckless pain back then,

So I will not give up until I breathe or unless I am dead.


Stop pretending things were fine always.

There is nothing to be afraid of and you have already found solace.

You have a family and loads of friends,

nothing to lose and nothing to gain.


Things don’t work like that though,

Reality is real, even if you want it to be unreal, it sometimes seems surreal.

On the surface, nothing is dirty, everything is clear.


Hoping things will get better soon,

‘Cause I feel relaxed and content,

only once in a blue moon.


Trying to think outside the box.

Trying to be as clever as a fox.

Trying to climb up on the longest wall.

Trying to defy all the odds.


Hope is there as it has always been.

I wish to see those things which I have never seen.

Be as noble as I can get, as noble as no one has ever been.


Don’t have a debt under your belt.

It’s hard to repay and impossible to forget.

Lagging behind you is not an option.

Nagging you constantly is only the solution.


I imagine doing things that no one does.

Imagine thinking those things to whom all that never occurs.

Imagine saying things aloud but only find myself whisper.

This life is a struggle, man! It’s a roller coaster.


Don’t waste it on blame games.

No use calling each other lame names.

Focus on your main aim

Haters will have nothing to say but display shame.

That’s when you know you’re a winner.

You’re a real life hero and not a hero in fiction.





What to do when you have nothing to do!

Well, it’s a break from college/school and we have nothing much to do. So what should we do?  Ah! Sitting at home all day watching YouTube videos is extremely mundane and boring. There is a need to shake things up a bit, something that will turn this monotonous routine into] an exciting one.

1- It is a great time to enjoy your hobbies: You will miss this time once the break is over so better start doing stuff you enjoy. Better late than never.

2- Go out with friends: Well, you must have some friends. Why not go out with them? Go to the mall or just do some fun activities in park. Time spent with friends is always fun.

3- Seek a new adventure: Even little things can make a lot of difference. Take a different route and just visit a new place where you haven’t been before. Surely, it’s fun but be careful as well. You do not want to get lost and never come back home, ha!

4- Expand your social media horizon: You have a lot of time to kill, so expand your social networks. Try different websites. Search something which you have never searched before. You might even learn a new skill.

5- Study: Well, yes it’s break but it doesn’t necessarily means that studying is not allowed. Study the subject which you actually love and which seems interesting to you. Perhaps, psychology is the one subject that appears interesting to almost everyone now a days.

6- Read novels: Again, some people might think it’s boring but actually, once you start reading them you’ll feel like there’s a movie going on inside your head. This feeling is highly addictive as well. Reading novels and connecting with characters provides an opportunity to live different lives and you learn many more things about life.

These are the things that you can do easily during the break from school/college. It is not costly at all so nearly everyone can do it. Good luck and enjoy the holidays.

Adios Amigos!

Traditional learning: An old way?

While I won’t try to pretend that schools and higher education are a significant part of learning, I shall not ignore the fact that orthodox learning is no longer the only ticket to earn yourself skills which makes you stand out when you’re out in the real world on your own.

I’m not going to blabber about how useless the school is rather I’d like to say that to truly learn something now a days, we need to look out for opportunities outside the walls of the classroom and stop relying only upon our textbooks to teach us a lesson.

Growing social media has been indicating that times are going to change. At a global level, the spread of internet among the masses has been growing like a plague. There are a million ways to enhance a skill by the help of the internet and even more ways to earn money using a specific skill in which one has excelled.

Although, there is no denying that traditional schools and ways of learning have those kinds of benefits which holds significance in shaping life of a person.

Work environment and support of someone who can act as a mentor, i.e., a teacher is important as well. A teacher’s job is not only to explain us our textbooks. Teachers are also responsible to encourage leadership, creativity, curiosity and develop love for a subject. Therefore, even today, there is an enormous necessity for classroom environment and almost everyone still needs traditional schooling rather than trying to experiment with a new approach of learning.

I recently did a research on internet addiction and while conducting the research I came across another study in which I saw that currently 6 percent of the global population are internet addicted. I had a thought. More like a prediction. Reading about that statistic gave me a feeling that this number is only going to increase from now on (not hard to guess, right?) so maybe the best thing to invest time and money would be on digital media.

Of course, it only implies if you are willing to engage in productive activities online and in case you become an internet addict yourself then it is highly probable that you’d be at a gigantic loss. However, if you can do both traditional schooling and e-learning together and balance things out then it’d be most profitable.

Despite all the advantages and disadvantages of both forms of learning, it is worth a shot to wonder about it. One day, e-learning will be a preferred means of learning but as of now, we can only wonder.

See what happens..

On a terrible day or on a dreadful night, only one thought occurs to me which helps me keep going on in life. To keep giving me a hope that things will eventually work out, this is like a magic spell which heals mental exhaustion and display a new ray of light promising me that new opportunities are about to come so I must not stop.

“See what happens”, I say after a long dialogue to assure me that anything can happen and I must not assume. If you think about it deeply, you will notice it can bring out different emotions. Like, I feel the thrill and excitement to think about it. It has taught me to leave my worries aside for a moment and focus on the present. For example, one night I was worrying that I might not be able to complete my assignment within this week and after expressing everything to a close friend, I realized there was nothing that could help me but only doing my work will be the best option. Besides observing that only doing my assignment will help me, I also realized that they can’t say anything to make me feel better.

But what I wanted was there. I wanted to get everything off my chest and it helped. And then, observing that they got nothing to say, at last, I said to break the silence “see what happens.” I don’t know if this happens to anybody else but thinking about “what” will happen give me chills. I feel excited and nervous at the same time. I feel frightened and relaxed at the same time. It gives me a sense of pleasure and relaxation to know that worry can be put to rest and I can focus on this present moment. Worrying can come later as well, so do not think too much about the future and lie back on your bed because you will have to “see what happens.”