Physical appearance – Degree of exaggeration!

“Oh! You got a pimple on your face. Ewww! Hide somewhere, people would laugh at you.”

Since our childhood, our elder ones try to teach us that looks don’t matter, it’s the inner beauty of yours that counts but as we grow up, gradually, we learn that physical appearance is an important part of our life. Whether someone accepts it or not but a good-looking person will always have an advantage over less good-looking people especially in an individual’s teen years.

Known celebrities endorse the expensive cosmetic products which enforces the young adults to think about their appearance and that makes them conscious about their overall looks. Even a small pimple can destroy their self esteem and it is heart wrenching to see the people losing their sleep just because of these insignificant reasons.

But what’s makes physical appearance so important? I did a small survey with my close mates about why they think that physical appearance matters a lot. Here are the 5 most common responses I got.

1 – To attract people: This is a very common reason people usually give on this topic. Attraction has a big role to play when you want to win a person’s heart. So, it makes sense to look physically appealing to attract people around you.

2 – Looks overshadow personality: Well, it happens. If you’re a good-looking person then you might have an advantage over other people even if your personality isn’t bright. On the side note, you would rather hang out with a happy-go-lucky kind of a person than a person who comments on your looks time and again.

3- To enhance their self esteem: Well, it is obvious that if you receive tons of attention from the opposite sex or even from the same gender as yours, your self-confidence is bound to enhance. We judge ourselves based on what people think about us so; a good-looking person has a certain advantage over others.

4- You judge a book by its cover: Yes, we have been told that “don’t ever judge a book by its cover” but in reality, this is just “easier said than done”. When we see a pleasant face, we automatically assume that the person must have a good personality. “Halo effect” is at work here. We categorize a person’s entire personality by judging him/her based on one trait.

5- It can manipulate your identity: Nerd, jock, goth or maybe you’re a geek. Are you familiar with these stereotypes? Well, high school kids are meaner than “Mean Girls” sometimes. They call you certain stereotypes and that becomes your identity in the society so, yeah, your looks can have an impact in your overall life.

In the end, I’d just like to say, always be comfortable in your own skin (because you can’t get a new one, hah! unless you get a plastic surgery). But, to be honest, always be happy for what you’ve got because there are always a lot of people who’d love to be with you. What matters in the longer run is that how you treat the people around you.


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