Well Done!

It was a day like any other but this one little chit-chat forced me to reflect on my current lifestyle. I was talking to a close mate of mine via Facebook when he praised me for my earlier blog post and said “Well done!” Obviously, I was delighted about the fact that someone took their precious time to give me a pleasant feedback and as I was over the moon to receive this benevolent appraisal from my close friend, he told me about something which I was never aware of earlier. I have already stated in my earlier blog post(see https://vibyspeakshismind.wordpress.com/2015/07/07/whos-viby-viby-speaks-his-mind/ ) that I am about to join college so I never had a chance to work part-time. I never knew what it felt like to work and be on your own in real world but this one little conversation forced me to do a reality check and where I am heading in my life and for what I should be prepared so that I’ll be able to handle the pressures that my future is about to provide me. My friend told me that when you go out in a real world and start working then you’ll find lots of amazing people if you’re lucky enough but he also told me that you’re bound to meet people who would be different and might not share the same beliefs and ideas as you do.

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To be precise, he was as well implying the fact that I would surely meet a lot of “mean” people throughout my life. He told me an incident which kept on repeating throughout his whole professional life. The thing which he told me was that when you’re working, your seniors assign you a job and you do it and get paid for it. He told me you do the assigned job and JUST DO IT! JUST DO IT! Nobody gives a compliment or congratulate you.

Can you imagine working like this? When you have only one job to look forward to and even for that nobody compliments you, you’d apparently feel unimportant at times. What I was actually thinking was that it doesn’t hurt to give a compliment, right? So why don’t people show a bit more admiration for others? Spending day after day, doing a job and realizing that nobody applauds you ever is one of the most devastating feeling I can imagine. If nobody ever complimented my blog, do you think I’d have the courage to keep doing it? The answer is no. It would have been pointless if nobody ever noticed me.


Although, I would have kept writing for the love of it but surely, I wouldn’t share my thoughts on a blog if everyone ignored me. So, after that small conversation with my friend I decided that from now on I’ll try my best to compliment anyone who tries hard in their field. There is a clear lesson to be learned here and that is we should always show our gratitude towards anyone who does a job for us or help us. After we were about to say good-bye to each other I thought it’d be nice if I thank him for all the help and support he has ever provided me. I can tell you that when I said “well done” to him for helping me out whenever I felt a bit down provided me a sense of calmness and I was sure he would’ve liked to hear those words as well.

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After all, saying “Well Done!” once in a while is never going to hurt anyone.  What do you think?



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