What’s your gender?-Fake FB profiles!

“I’m not perfect but at least I’m not a fake person.” This quote is needed to be taken literally by some of the people out there. Facebook is a social networking platform which has been helping all of us to connect with our loved ones for over a decade now. It has been a boon especially for those who are unable to contact their family and friends on a regular basis but as every coin has two sides, Facebook hasn’t been an exception. The biggest trouble which is both annoying and excruciating even much more than a terrible heartache after a breakup is realizing that some people do not use this amazing modern day technology for something productive rather they’d make a fake ID to manipulate and play with the emotions of millions of guys who genuinely use it to connect with people. Usually, it’s the guys who’d make a female fake ID to have “fun”. I haven’t seen a lot of girls doing this stuff (I might be wrong) but here I’ll just discuss what I’ve seen.

Fakebook Fakebook (3)

It’s hard to believe someone actually takes pleasure by making a fake FB ID and play with the feelings of people. I mean, come on, you can hang out with friends or watch a movie to have “fun” so what do people actually find so exciting about creating a fake FB ID? That’s a tough question to answer and I’m telling you I don’t know the exact reason but I’ll try to pin-point some possible reasons that might trigger the idea as to why people create a fake FB ID.

I did a very small survey and these are the answers I received.

  1. They have no life Well, that’s quite blunt but I think it’s true as well. Why would you do something? Mainly because you’ve got nothing better to do. I think same happens when a person creates a fake ID, they do so because….well….they do not have a life.
  2. Frustrated with their own gender They want to be someone different. They are fed of their lives and how boring it has become so what do they do? Instead of finding new hobbies they make a fake ID to bring some excitement into their lives.
  3. Developing their social circle– Well, it’s undeniable that girls get a lot of attention, be it on social media or real life. They strive for attention and they get it from innumerable people. So, what’s the best way to enhance your social circle? Make a fake FB profile with a girl’s name and a picture and boom! Here comes a flood of friend requests.
  4. To stalk their crush This was an interesting answer someone gave me. I never thought people could take stalking to a whole new level. I mean, that’s a lot of effort to get to know someone. Well, do it if it feels right. Stalking on social media has become a norm now-a-days, anyway.
  5. To be popular That’s a very, umm.., stupid way to become popular. This thought is natural to come but wait a moment, it’s not stupid after all. I mentioned girls get a lot of attention, right? Well, promote yourself using a fake FB ID and it might be beneficial for you. It’s a good marketing strategy in the end.

These are the 5 possible reasons I received from my experiences and by talking to my close mates and to some extent, all of them are reasonable enough. The last thing I’d like to say is that making a fake FB ID isn’t a big issue. We all are aware about the fact that Facebook is intended to connect with people you already know so in case you add someone unknown and get fooled by that person then all the blame should be on you. Learn more about privacy and avoid sharing too much information on your Facebook. Be careful and ensure that you don’t add too many girl “friends”. Use it wisely and better learn new skills on internet. Don’t underestimate the power of the internet.


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