Crushing The Dreams

Quickly became unpopular among the sheep
They said I was crushing their dreams
Just telling them the truth and it hurts
Harsh it may be, I say it out of love

Never think about the hard work
Just the result
That’s why they complain
When it’s too difficult

Honest criticism, a hard pill to swallow
They hide in their room, weep and wallow
Saving your time and being blunt is wrong
That wannabe singer sucks and so does his song

I am not a hater though, just a realist
Believe me, remarks are ever present, sometimes I get called pathetic
It’s a part and parcel of putting yourself out there
It’s people’s job to crucify you so you get scared

Crushing the dreams that can never be met
All a waste of time, best to forget
But I am the villain because I am mean
I thought they’d become adult once they were eighteen

Sheep never learns
Tell them the truth
Crush their dreams
Hear them scream

People will misunderstand if you disagree
Term you the “bad guy” for your honesty
Let them live in their own bubble
One day it’ll burst and they’ll be in trouble


Broken promises..

Sometimes we fought.
Sometimes we cried.
But it was me, most of the time,
Who had to suffer on all those dreadful nights.

We made promises.
We’d never deal with irreparable damages.
We’d stand by each other in difficult times.
Now I see, all those were such laughable lies.

You were tired of my vociferous rants.
I thought you’d stay with me,but you can’t.
All your problems were mine when we met.
Every moment I spent with you are now full of regret.

I didn’t want to say all these things to you.
But, I need to speak up now before I bid adieu.
These words are coming out of the blue.
I am leaving you now to move ahead, to find someone new.

Faint Smile!

I’d like to sing a song.
I’d like to be alone…
I’d like to talk to you.
I’d like to stop missing you.

I wish time could heal my broken heart.
Or if there was a magic spell that would take me out of this hell.
I wish I could see that faint smile one more time.
After a lousy day, when I am so down.
You are the one who take me out..
So we spend a beautiful time together.
I whisper to myself, I’d do anything to get her.

I’d like to understand you better.
I’d like to be more clever.
I’d like to stop feeling shattered.
I’d like to be ecstatic.

I wish I could see your faint smile.
I wish I could say you’re mine.
I wish I could get out of this dark light.
I wish I could make my future bright.
Just show me your faint smile….one more time.