I’d like to sing a song.
I’d like to be alone…
I’d like to talk to you.
I’d like to stop missing you.

I wish time could heal my broken heart.
Or if there was a magic spell that would take me out of this hell.
I wish I could see that faint smile one more time.
After a lousy day, when I am so down.
You are the one who take me out..
So we spend a beautiful time together.
I whisper to myself, I’d do anything to get her.

I’d like to understand you better.
I’d like to be more clever.
I’d like to stop feeling shattered.
I’d like to be ecstatic.

I wish I could see your faint smile.
I wish I could say you’re mine.
I wish I could get out of this dark light.
I wish I could make my future bright.
Just show me your faint smile….one more time.