More than she needs me

Maybe I need her more than she needs me

Is it a coincidence or all this is meant to be?

I always wonder shall we talk ever again?

I expect her to come and heal my pain.


Late night talks we will cherish one day

If only I keep her in my life and not push her away

I crave her attention yet I don’t want her to stay

I put the words in her mouth that she doesn’t say.


I make mistakes and so does she

Feels as if she is cruel yet so lovely

I leave it on the destiny

It will happen if it’s meant to be.


I ponder over my life every day and night

I have goals that are always in my mind

She is the last thing I worry about

I won’t allow her to come, if she does I won’t let her out.


I regret I message her every day after I wake up

I promise to not do it again as I pour tea in my cup.

As the evening rolls in I can’t help myself

When emotions take over how does one help oneself?


Guess I’ll make this mistake again

Just rub more salt on my wounds to feel the pain.

Maybe I need her more than I imagined

Maybe she isn’t only a friend, she has become my passion.


I am obsessed with her

She is like a drug that makes reality looks blur.

Ecstasy takes over and I lose control

This night I can’t stop, I don’t want to be alone.


First time(poem)

Oh I felt so good when I said Hi to you for the first time
You replied and I felt butterflies
As you shook my hand, on my face you could see a broad smile.
You were the light in my life, you became the sunshine.

Next night we walked on the sidewalk
Holding hands you talked in whispers
When we were sitting in front of the river
I put my coat around you as you shivered in this winter.

Then I dropped you at home
I told you I’ll miss you
It was like I met you for the first time, it felt new.
I waved good-bye and you hugged me out of the blue.

Winter: Chilling vibes and longer nights!

Sitting near the window glancing outside watching the stillness of the trees and sensing the aura of the calm atmosphere seems so soothing. As I think about my past mistakes and does a review of the things that have happened so far, it brings a sense of excitement to think what more is still to come ahead.

It has been a roller coaster ride so far. There have been moments when I cried before sleeping, laughed over silly things, day  dreamed about things that may never  happen,  imagined things out of this  world and felt dejected when I couldn’t have what I  wanted. Just like anyone else, I have also experienced several ups and downs this year.

However, there is something about winters that connects with us on a spiritual level. Sure, it can get uncomfortable when it’s so cold as if you’re put into a freezer but the calmness during this time of the year feels like as if time has stopped for a while. You reflect on the past, think about future goals and enjoy in the cozy room thanking for having the things that you usually take for granted.

The days become shorter, the nights become longer and the life gets calmer. Every little thing becomes enjoyable and the hot food gets its due appreciation.

Winter is romantic. It’s the best time to get closer to someone you love. Walking in close proximity exploring the city with someone you love is a lovely way to get to know the person better.

The time of festival, New Year being around the corner and the holidays all adds to the calmness felt during this time of the year. The sunshine during the days looks even more beautiful and valuable as compared to summers.

In short, winter is poetic. Winter is calm. Winter is….. heavenly.