On an empty road

On an empty road at midnight
A boy walked alone wishing someone would say “Hi!”
Hug him and tell him not to cry
“I am here to be your friend, no worries and no good bye.”

Stay honest and loyal to him
He’ll be there for you when no one else will.
Deep down he knew he had a pure heart
Still people didn’t want to be with him and they torn him apart.

Suffering had become a norm to him
The pain was intense like he had recently hit the gym.
His future looked so dark and grim
He knew he had to hold on, keep going on and swim.

Then came a young beautiful lady, charming like a princess
He thought he had found his love, now he was fearless.
The only problem was that he had to let go of his shyness.
It was his trait so all his efforts went in vain.

The young lady did not return his love
He was left heart broken but knew he didn’t need her
Moving on was the only option left for him
But the pain was so intense
He found himself lingering on an empty road once again.



I wake up in the morning
Just to see your face.
I love it when I catch you
Blushing as you gaze.
Your beauty brings me to life
I am enchanted and amazed.
Your presence is peaceful
And whenever I see you
I fall in love, all over again.

We die..

We lie.

We cry.

We live.

We die.


We love.

We laugh.

We hate.

We die.


We say good bye.

We appreciate.

We crucify.

We die.


We hide.

We fail.

We qualify.

We die.


We sleep.

We dream.

We achieve.

We die.


Away from home

Staring out of the window

Sitting in the hotel room

I miss my lovely home

No happiness, I moan.


Missing those walks in the park,

Looking at the bright shining stars.

A broken heart, love doesn’t last.

Left with lots of scars.


Away from home but feels quite close.

Tears in my eyes, won’t let them show.

A hot sunny day, wish it’d snow.

It’s warm in here but I feel so cold.

I want to go home.

All this joy..

All this joy we dearly enjoy,

All this sadness leaves tears in my eyes,

Facing the reality makes life harsh.

There is no happiness near or far.


Look upon a sunflower,

Beauty is there if you want to see.

Some are positive, some are negative.

Either way, everything is creative.


Connection is hard to build up.

Although, trying feels like winning the fifa world cup.

Losing someone is a part of being a grown up.

Every day, responsibilities urge us to get up.


Another good day awaits us.

I see children leaving home in the school bus.

They don’t know what lies ahead.

That is the reason they can be happy with whatever comes in life.

Not too late to say sorry..

It’s not about being a star.

It’s about healing those scars,

Which I faced during my childhood.


When I had to be glad for what I never had.

When I had to be sad for what I always had.

All I wanted to have good times.

Maybe asking for that was another crime.


I never wanted to become a maniac.

Do you think I wanted to stay insomniac?

You don’t know how I lived through those years.

Neither I wish you could imagine what I had always feared.


Let’s make a fresh start.

Show me unconditional positive regard.

Say that you love me now.

I promise it is not too late to say sorry now.

I’ll always love you..

You’re on my mind.
You’re in my heart.
Never ever shall we truly part.

You’re in my dreams.

You’re my happiness.
When I am with you.
I’m at my best.

My smile is wide.
My life is complete.
Whenever I have you here next to me.

You’re always in my thoughts.
Always on my mind.
And that’s how it will be.
Until the end of time.

Poetry can’t explain it.
Music can’t even touch.
The deepest emotions I feel at your touch.

I know you love me,
As much as I love you.
I can feel it,
When I’m next to you.

The minutes are hours.
The hours seem like days.
Before I can bask in
your presence and ways.

I love you, no matter if you believe it or not,
It will always be true.
Until eternity,
I’ll always love you.

Lying underneath the stars…

Lying underneath the stars,
On a warm silent night.
Your arms are wrapped around me,
And everything feels right.

You kiss me sweetly and softly,
I feel your warm gentle touch,
You help me feel protected
Under the sweet night sky rush.

My world is perfect.
There’s nowhere else I want to be,
just want to lie down underneath the stars
Hand in hand, you and me.

Just when everything is perfect,
And you seem so delicately sweet,
A rush of wind ruffles my hair
As the floor beneath my feet slides down, taking me into a deep sea.

I am drowning into it, but I am not afraid because you’re there beside me.

We will be together for eternity

starry night

The day never ends…

Sitting alone, traveling far without a single friend.
This day seems like it’ll never end.
Putting on a mask, I stay calm or rather I pretend.
Scared I am, some people pass their illogical judgment.

Expectations lead to disappointments.
“Forget about everyone” I murmur.
Still I think about them, a soft voice whispers.
Why am I so different? I feel like a stranger.

I am taken aback by reverie.
Maybe I have a best friend within me.
Still, I do get tired of my thoughts occasionally.
This day never ends, I keep wondering.


Red rose growing in my garden, it looks so beautiful.
Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, saying is something special.
Listening to a symphony, an experience which is magical.
All the traumas I faced, leaves me with a shapeless heart like an amorphous white lead powder.

Give another meaning to life, a thought on which I ponder.
Regularly following the same routine is difficult to handle.
Something new is always out there, just need to look over.
Stop looking at the sky all the time, look down, a bit more lower.

So many people I see, it’s harder than you imagine.
Try to live in the shoes of an introvert.
Maybe my mind is going to detonate.
Only few people are out there, with whom I celebrate.

While the danger was impending, I preferred avoiding.
I started to daydream, treacherous tasks were coming.
I wanted to run to that shimmering shoreline.
A tunnel to my energy and an end to my boredom.