Grand scheme

“I don’t matter in the grand scheme of things.”

This realization will be termed depressing or nihilistic or cynical. However, this is the reality. As they say, life is neither fair nor unfair. It’s indifferent. Universe is indifferent. It’ll continue to move forward with or without you. Time doesn’t wait or stop for anyone.

Here I am reflecting on my short life I have lived so far. So much has already happened. Things have gone bad more than good yet here I am thinking about my future, writing this up and pondering over the reason of my existence.

I remain quiet. I talk less and listen more. The reason is not many people want to listen. Everyone wants to speak. So, I observe and try to listen more to understand the other person.

The grand scheme and the big picture, that’s what I   think about now. I go out every day and see thousands of people. There are literally billions of people in this world. I can’t help but think “I don’t matter in the grand scheme of things.”

I am just one person. Out of all the billion people, I am one, with my own dreams, desires and goals. This realization is so liberating but at the same time leaves me with void. It’s the void of meaninglessness.


The kid

I look back and see a kid

Disturbed with himself with the way he lived

Tried things, vowed he’ll never quit

Gathered the broken pieces and started to rebuild


After few years he looks in the mirror

One day, he sees a beard

Astonished! He thinks about the time he most feared

He’s growing up and the kid has disappeared.


Expectations get bigger each day

It’s time to turn the dreams into reality someday

He has to be careful with what he does today

As it will become history one day.


He still feels like he’s a kid

Same old innocence and same old grin.

Though he realizes he is older

He knows he cannot carry the heavy weight on his shoulder.


He is young and there’s lot to learn

Wisdom is not given, it is earned.

What will future bring?

He sighs as he thinks.




Red rose growing in my garden, it looks so beautiful.
Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, saying is something special.
Listening to a symphony, an experience which is magical.
All the traumas I faced, leaves me with a shapeless heart like an amorphous white lead powder.

Give another meaning to life, a thought on which I ponder.
Regularly following the same routine is difficult to handle.
Something new is always out there, just need to look over.
Stop looking at the sky all the time, look down, a bit more lower.

So many people I see, it’s harder than you imagine.
Try to live in the shoes of an introvert.
Maybe my mind is going to detonate.
Only few people are out there, with whom I celebrate.

While the danger was impending, I preferred avoiding.
I started to daydream, treacherous tasks were coming.
I wanted to run to that shimmering shoreline.
A tunnel to my energy and an end to my boredom.

Flawless Life!

Flawless Life!

♦Flawless life is a myth.
♦Having strength to counter it, is a gift.
♦The love, bonding, our friendship one day might drift.
♦The connection with each other might shift.
♦Memories, the pleasant situations, an eternal joy it’ll bring.images (3)
♦Be sure to never let it shrink.
♦The wine with a mixture of love, together we’ll drink.
♦There will be a connection, arose from the stare without even a single blink.
♦Trust me, I’m your friend.
♦Said I, you turned away, murmuring the words, I felt a nostalgia of our last high five.
♦Gone are the days when we used to be friends..
♦Don’t push the limit now
♦Waiting ahead, is a dangerous dead end…..

How to know Your Future?

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If I tell you that I can tell your future, would you believe me? A reasonable person would say no. A superstitious person might show blind faith without doing any researching and questioning as to how I will do it. But, being a rational thinker myself I will simply admit that I won’t be able to declare what is there upcoming for you in your destiny. No one in the world would ever be able to tell you about your fate but there is one person I can assure who can take control over all your actions, your behaviour and your whole life.

And that my friend, is YOU!


You are the one who can change the world as to how you perceive it. What I have come to know about telling one’s future is that I have realised that it’s only we who can decide what is there for us down the line. Now, see, For an example → Suppose there is a person named John(imaginary person). John is a college student currently studying Dermatology. He is lying on the bed with his back against the surface of the bed and eyes closed as he is taking a calm nap when suddenly his phone rang and he picks it up. “Hello John! This is Lenny here. I wanted to invite you to a party over my house later this evening, do you think you would be able to come?” John is still in a bit of sleepy-mode so he is unable to think properly, he answers, “Uh! yes. I think I’ll be there. See you later in the evening, then”. He hangs up the phone and tries to continue with his nap and just as he is about to enter into his own world, his father comes into the room abruptly and John is awakened again from his nap. He asks “Why are you disturbing me? I was about to sleep”. Dad reminds him that he has an exam tomorrow and he has made up plans about partying tonight with his friends. Now, there occurs a conflict in John’s mind and he is unable to make a decision. He can either go to the party over his friend’s house or he can stay at home and catch up with his studies. John has got two options and at this moment his one decision can make or break things. If he goes to attend the party, there is a chance that he might fail in the examination but on the other hand, if he stays at home and with pure concentration he studies, there is a chance that he might get a good grade in the exam but he will lose out on a pleasant experience which does not come very often. Having these two options for him, he will be the only person to decide the outcome by performing the event. It is his choice which event will he perform. So, in a way, he has the choice to make his future in whatever the way he wants to.

Here is another much more deep and slightly philosophical example as well. You must see poor kids on the streets and on the roadside everyday. These poverty-stricken children are not able to attend school to get an education, resulting in no opportunity whatsoever while there are other fortunate children and people like us who are able to not only get an education but also have a choice about becoming and pursuing anything as per our own will in life.


Now, again, for an instance (We will again assume an imaginary person) ⇒ There is a teenage boy named Atif currently studying in senior year of high school and he resides in New Delhi, India. He is interested in doing Computer Engineering once he passes out of his last year of high school. As soon as the last few months approaches of the school year, he starts to lose his motivation to get a degree in Computer Engineering as he fears the competition in the field. After he finally passes out of the school, he decides that he will join the family business. If he had opted for the degree, his life would have been different as of now. So, if you think about it, he had the choice to decide his own fate. If he went for the degree, he would have become a Computer Engineer but his one decision changed his life and he became a businessman. He controlled the outcome of his future by himself.

By these two examples, you might have got the hint about knowing your future. It is simple, isn’t it? You know your future because YOU can make your future.

All you need is to sort out everything that is troubling you, be aware of yourself truly and start to make plans for the future and work your way through it. Finally, achieve the goal you have been always dreaming about. That is a sure way to know your future…and the best part is you are in-charge  of your own actions.