Terrible face

I made a mistake, I accept 

But all this time it seemed like a foreign concept

Never realised I had a terrible face

I don’t believe a single word that anyone says

Loathe myself, just killing time and spending days

I need to make a change but I will never be the same

I should held up my head high but I am so ashamed

I want to be alone but I also want fame

Some days I get so distracted that I even forget my own name

All I know is I’ll never be the same 

‘Cause I have a terrible face
I look so terrible 

Scared to look in the mirror

The dark circles, the acnes, dry skin

Oh my God! I have started to get a double chin

Maybe I committed a mistake or even worse a sin

That’s why I look horrible even with a grin

It’s a lost battle, man! I can’t win

I am just glad I at least don’t have a twin

Because I look like trash, I am dustbin

There are demons inside of me that lies within
They look at my terrible face and laugh

I could ramble on and on and write lengthy paragraphs

I look so terrible, man! I won’t even look at my own photograph

People make fun of me and never miss a chance 

Girls look away when I ask them to dance

Look so terrible that they won’t even take a glance

That’s why I am so scared to make any advance

I’ll never get an opportunity to experience romance

Man, I do have a terrible face

I wish it was drawn with a pencil so I could use an eraser to erase

So I wouldn’t write this in the first place.


More than she needs me

Maybe I need her more than she needs me

Is it a coincidence or all this is meant to be?

I always wonder shall we talk ever again?

I expect her to come and heal my pain.


Late night talks we will cherish one day

If only I keep her in my life and not push her away

I crave her attention yet I don’t want her to stay

I put the words in her mouth that she doesn’t say.


I make mistakes and so does she

Feels as if she is cruel yet so lovely

I leave it on the destiny

It will happen if it’s meant to be.


I ponder over my life every day and night

I have goals that are always in my mind

She is the last thing I worry about

I won’t allow her to come, if she does I won’t let her out.


I regret I message her every day after I wake up

I promise to not do it again as I pour tea in my cup.

As the evening rolls in I can’t help myself

When emotions take over how does one help oneself?


Guess I’ll make this mistake again

Just rub more salt on my wounds to feel the pain.

Maybe I need her more than I imagined

Maybe she isn’t only a friend, she has become my passion.


I am obsessed with her

She is like a drug that makes reality looks blur.

Ecstasy takes over and I lose control

This night I can’t stop, I don’t want to be alone.

Cricket…..Is that a bug?




Cricket is a bug, we all know that. But do you people also know that cricket is not just a bug but a sport as well? People from United States and few African and also few European countries might not know about it. Only a handful number of countries play it at the international level. So far only 10 nations have the Test status received by ICC ( International Cricket Council).

Cricket is a game played by using a bat and a ball. The bowler (the one who delivers the ball) and the batsman ( the one who takes the strike to face the ball with the help of a willow). There are 11 players in each team and the game is played between two teams. There is a specialist team member to guard the wickets from behind and he is called a “Wicket Keeper”.

Cricket is a sport which is mostly popular in Indian subcontinent. India seems to possess the highest fan following of this sport across the globe. It is an interesting sport but also very lengthy. That is the biggest reason why it is not categorised as a global sport. The shortest format of cricket is Twenty-Twenty over match. It is a recently introduced format to attract big audiences from the entire world.

I have seen several people who claims they don’t know it is a sport but do know that it is an insect for sure. When I asked a person if they know anything about it I got a reply ” Uh cricket? Isn’t that a bug?” I was quite surprised by the fact that there are people who actually don’t know about it. In case you did not knew about it, you’ve got a basic idea of what it is.

Novels….that’s interesting!

Now, most of the people around us do not like to read that much. They think it’s boring, nerdy, and what other synonym can you use to describe it? umm..maybe they think it’s uncool! I don’t get what does make you cool anyway. Being cool is just a mental state. I mean who I am or who are you to decide what’s cool and what’s not? The fact that every individual has different mindset, experiences and lifestyles we can’t really judge a person when we don’t even know what they are up to in their lives.

Most of my classmates, acquaintances, relatives and close friends do not like the idea of reading “unnecessary” stuff. They think it’s wastage of time but actually, do we ever utilise our time that much? Time management is something which is being talked in every seminar, in lectures and in the classroom but the reality is that no one really manages time that well. As the saying goes “It is easier said than done”. It’s a problem of everyone, not just yours and mine.

Novels are something which does makes your life adventurous, exciting and also provides you with heaps of knowledge. You can learn a language quickly, in less space of time only by reading. Novels are also worthy to read because it improves an amateur learner’s vocabulary as well. 

If I talk about my own experience, I developed the habit of reading novels when I was 14 or 15 years old. I still remember the first novel I read. It was called “All Over It”. It had been the book which was also depicted by a TV show known as “Lizzie Macguire”. It gave me a feeling of nostalgia about my childhood days. At the end of the story I was left with an empty feeling yet very satisfying. 

Novels takes you into another world. A world in which you can live a different life.

So whenever you feel that you’re life isn’t interesting or joyful or you feel like you’re in a deep misery, just select the perfect genre for you and start reading the novels. Novels which will take you into another world and to see life in a different way. The feeling of living another life will make you love your life even more…….

And Remember! Reading is cool!


Every Night I try.

This is the song I wrote back when I was in 9th or 10th grade(Can’t remember clearly)

It is combined with two languages,i.e, English and Hindi. So read it out and use it if you want.

There is nothing that i wanna hide
Just want to be with you,please be mine
feel so blank and so bad when at night
seems hope give us a kind of light
come on!
Everynight i try
but cannot
stop myself from crying high!
I wish you’d be near to me
like you’re the dream beneath my eyes
If you felt the same
then you are only one i know
whose silence revived my heart to the life.
I’ll born with a new life
just want you to be my wife
everything now seems right
But i won’t hear my voice!
Everynight i try
but cannot
stop myself from crying high!
I wish you’d be near to me
like you’re the dream beneath my eyes
Lets commit a crime
I’ll steal ya’ heart you steal mine
I wish you’d be near to me
like you’re the dream beneath my eyes

—————[Hindi Lyrics]——————

Aisa koi pal kat ta nahi
Jab main tere baare mein sochta nahi
Pyaar tha mujhe par tu nikli bewafa
Ki thi maine bohot mohabbat
Khaya dhokha har dafa…

Wo lamhe,jo bitaye the tere sath
Ab beet ti hai tanhaiyon mein meri har raat
Aur na seh sakunga
Rehna nahi tere bina
Jeeke bhi na jee paunga
Jaun to jaun kahan?

Dil mera bole bhool ja use
Mita de saari yadon ko agar jeena hai tujhe

Teri soorat,tera chehra na dekhna kabhi mujhe
Par tere noor ka pehra rehta hai dil pe
Dil se nikaloon to bhi nikalti nahi

Teri yaadein basi hai iss kadar
Ki Chodne se bhi na Choottegi…

Side Effects Of Living a Double Life!

Same routine, waking up in the morning, getting ready for work, thinking you might arrive late today at your workplace. Doesn’t it get too annoying sometimes? Well if you think about it overall, you might also feel that your life sometimes get too boring and also too annoying.

So what do you think you can do? The answer is simple. You live a double life! Oh yes, you heard that right unless you have got a hearing problem or to be more specific and correct, an eyesight problem.

Obviously,it’s easier said than done. You must have heard that cliché several times in your life already unless you’re a new-born. Well, I suppose you aren’t a new born if you can read this but as they say, “Nothing is Impossible”.Another cliché which is being used more than Google.

Well,now getting back to the topic, I must say living a double life can be fun but there are certain side effects attached to it. Have you  ever seen the show “Hannah Montana” starring Miley Cyrus?Well,to be honest it is not as easy to live like that as it had been depicted in that show.

Below are the few side-effects of living a double life.

1 -> Losing your real identityYou start to lose your real self just by having more than one life at a time. Hold on man! One life isn’t easy to handle and you think about having one more? Surely you’ll end up being miserable and besides in trying making your life exciting you’ll forget who you really are and most of the times will just be faking around.

2 -> Cheating with your close friends/familyHaving one life here and the other there. Most probably you wouldn’t be able to handle so many people so better in staying away from this experiment.

3 -> Being Fatigued -> In real life the truth is that we all have some priorities and also work to do in order to have a stable life. You need time to concentrate on your priorities so there is no fun in trying having a double life.

These were the 3 small side-effects which can be implied if you’re having a double life.

NOTE : This post was just for fun as it is nearly impossible having a double life in real world. But, in case you’re living a double life then do message me at Vibhorsharma45@yahoo.co.uk. I’d love to hear stories like that.

I promise to deliver some serious articles in future so be in touch. 

“Difficult situ…

“Difficult situations reveals your character.In arduous times,it’s not that your character is made but your character is revealed.” –

The above quote states that when there are tough times in your life your behaviour towards the challenge showcase the character of yours.Your character was made a long time ago,it’s just that the character is revealed and people actually realise who you really are when things are not going in your way so always try to build your character whether it may seem like everything’s going normal.