What to do when you have nothing to do!

Well, it’s a break from college/school and we have nothing much to do. So what should we do?  Ah! Sitting at home all day watching YouTube videos is extremely mundane and boring. There is a need to shake things up a bit, something that will turn this monotonous routine into] an exciting one.

1- It is a great time to enjoy your hobbies: You will miss this time once the break is over so better start doing stuff you enjoy. Better late than never.

2- Go out with friends: Well, you must have some friends. Why not go out with them? Go to the mall or just do some fun activities in park. Time spent with friends is always fun.

3- Seek a new adventure: Even little things can make a lot of difference. Take a different route and just visit a new place where you haven’t been before. Surely, it’s fun but be careful as well. You do not want to get lost and never come back home, ha!

4- Expand your social media horizon: You have a lot of time to kill, so expand your social networks. Try different websites. Search something which you have never searched before. You might even learn a new skill.

5- Study: Well, yes it’s break but it doesn’t necessarily means that studying is not allowed. Study the subject which you actually love and which seems interesting to you. Perhaps, psychology is the one subject that appears interesting to almost everyone now a days.

6- Read novels: Again, some people might think it’s boring but actually, once you start reading them you’ll feel like there’s a movie going on inside your head. This feeling is highly addictive as well. Reading novels and connecting with characters provides an opportunity to live different lives and you learn many more things about life.

These are the things that you can do easily during the break from school/college. It is not costly at all so nearly everyone can do it. Good luck and enjoy the holidays.

Adios Amigos!


I’ll always love you..

You’re on my mind.
You’re in my heart.
Never ever shall we truly part.

You’re in my dreams.

You’re my happiness.
When I am with you.
I’m at my best.

My smile is wide.
My life is complete.
Whenever I have you here next to me.

You’re always in my thoughts.
Always on my mind.
And that’s how it will be.
Until the end of time.

Poetry can’t explain it.
Music can’t even touch.
The deepest emotions I feel at your touch.

I know you love me,
As much as I love you.
I can feel it,
When I’m next to you.

The minutes are hours.
The hours seem like days.
Before I can bask in
your presence and ways.

I love you, no matter if you believe it or not,
It will always be true.
Until eternity,
I’ll always love you.