19 and still counting

Still the young remains alive in me
Wondering what’s next, lying under a tree.
Feels refreshing to taste the sweet afternoon tea,
Then dreaming about the Caribbean sea.

Still watch the stars at night,
As I forget about my fear of height.
All the rushing sounds around me,
Yet I remain calm and quiet.

Still 19 and have a lot to see,
Haven’t grown up completely.
Yesterday I was just a kid,
I remember all the wrong things I did.

Still there are endless possibilities,
If only we believe in our own abilities.
The melancholic melodies are so soothing,
As it reminds us of the things we have lost and losing.


A pen to remember

I was sitting in my classroom daydreaming about what I will do once I get home. It was the last class and I couldn’t wait for it to be over. All of a sudden, a student from the other class entered and called me to meet my class teacher.

I got up, wondering what I have done to get in trouble and I was anxious.

I trudged toward the other room and when I reached, my teacher said wait outside the class.

I waited, hoping it’ll soon get over. After about it felt like an eternity but in reality, only few minutes had been passed, my teacher came up to me.

I braced myself to receive an epic scolding but that didn’t happen.

She put her hand into her purse and pulled out a pen.

She said “You’re a very nice kid and be like this always. I am giving you this pen and it is a gift to you from my side and I wish you best of luck for your final exams.”

I was taken aback. I never expected that will happen. I did not see that coming, but, this was something that I will remember for a long time, maybe forever.

It was a pen to be remembered and this was one of the best memories I have from my school days.