Rainy days

I still remember those rainy days,

When nights were better than those regular days.

Being alone never made me feel lonely.

I did have a friend and that was me; one and only.


Dusk seemed brighter and more peaceful than dawn.

I am still  here but those  moments have long gone.

All the right things now seem wrong.

Late at night, I  am  wandering in this empty lawn.


Walking underneath this starry night.

I wait for an unexpected miracle to strike.

Reality is not a fairy tale,

I keep walking as I wish to confront my fate.


Hope keeps us strong and alive.

Till the day comes when we face our  demise.

A sad reality looms over us and wait for arrival,

As we fight and struggle everyday for our survival.


Why do you write if no one reads?

Why do you write if no one reads? Few people have asked me this question.

So here I want to reason why it is such an important thing for me to keep writing.

It feels like I have pulled off a massive weight off my chest. My mind does crazy things and I have a tendency to over think. Writing always helps me to process my thoughts and be well connected with them. I do not do this to please others but myself.

Often some people do tell me that what I am saying is quite right but then they question why I do not always follow my own advice if I know so much. The simple answer is it is the first step to acknowledge the stuff that brings you down and knowing what you can do to change it but we humans have emotions as well. Only knowing and being aware is not enough. We need time to better ourselves as well. Life is like a rollercoaster ride. There are always ups and down and that is what most people actually fail to realize. We experience happiness, sadness, fear, love, rejection, dejection, loneliness, excitement, anxiety etc. and this is what makes it all wonderful yet terrifying at the same time. So, thinking that wisdom and intelligence are going to cover your every flaw is a misconception because human beings are flawed and they make mistakes even if they don’t want to.

Coming back to my original point of why I write even if no one is willing to read, I do it for fun, for the pure joy of it and that is rare stuff. Finding something which you can do just for the heck of it is the most satisfying and calm feeling that we can experience.

On an empty road

On an empty road at midnight
A boy walked alone wishing someone would say “Hi!”
Hug him and tell him not to cry
“I am here to be your friend, no worries and no good bye.”

Stay honest and loyal to him
He’ll be there for you when no one else will.
Deep down he knew he had a pure heart
Still people didn’t want to be with him and they torn him apart.

Suffering had become a norm to him
The pain was intense like he had recently hit the gym.
His future looked so dark and grim
He knew he had to hold on, keep going on and swim.

Then came a young beautiful lady, charming like a princess
He thought he had found his love, now he was fearless.
The only problem was that he had to let go of his shyness.
It was his trait so all his efforts went in vain.

The young lady did not return his love
He was left heart broken but knew he didn’t need her
Moving on was the only option left for him
But the pain was so intense
He found himself lingering on an empty road once again.


I wake up in the morning
Just to see your face.
I love it when I catch you
Blushing as you gaze.
Your beauty brings me to life
I am enchanted and amazed.
Your presence is peaceful
And whenever I see you
I fall in love, all over again.

5 things a “Weird Kid” learns

As a child, I often thought that there was something wrong with me. I did not fit in with my peers and I was socially awkward because it was hard for me to initiate a conversation. There was always something unusual and mystic about me which led people to believe I was a weird kid. Throughout the years of childhood and adolescence and now being a young adult I have learned that there are certain things a weird kid learns.

  • You get used to rejection: One thing a weird kid surely learns is that it becomes easier to face rejection. Most kids are immature and they do not want to deal with someone who might come across as a weird kid. It is cruel but it surely prepares you for the fact that a lot of people are going to stay away from you and you will face rejection. The good thing is it’s not that bad after all in the grand scheme of things.
  • You will find true friends: While it is possible no one wants to hang out with you, it is also a probability that out of so many kids, some might feel what you feel or may be more understanding about how you feel. The ones that do stick by you are those people you’d want to stick with for your entire life.
  • You’re aware that you can self improve: While there is nothing particularly wrong being weird, you always know that at some point you’ll have to make few changes to adapt to the environment and move forward in order to develop social relationships. Re inventing yourself can turn out to be life changing and motivational for you and others.
  • You embrace your uniqueness: This is something which is a valuable life lesson and a lot of people take a lot of time to learn this. However, being a weird kid you have to embrace that you’re outside the normality of your surroundings which allows you to accept and embrace your uniqueness.
  • You do things which no one else does: Well, this surely stands out. Normal people do normal things. Strange people do strange things. Life becomes more interesting once there is something crazy and strange happening. Strange people do creative stuff and thinks outside the box. That is a lovely thing about being weird.

To all the weird kids out there, you are awesome and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. You are truly amazing and can do great stuff. Just remember to embrace yourself and make the best of your weirdness. After all, you’re mystical creatures. Be weird. Be strange.

Truth about college experience

Students have a misconception when they are coming out of high school that college is a place to have loads of fun and do plenty of parties every weekend. It is commonly believed that it is a time for fun and do stupid things. While it is true that you are still figuring out yourself in those years, it doesn’t mean that you are having fun 24/7.

A lot of people also go into any major that they can find without putting a thorough thought in them and claim that they need college experience.

In most of the cases, you’ll find that people party and do all that stuff for few months and then they usually get tired of it and start focusing on other things such as actually putting the effort in studying.

Ultimately, you do not need college experience to advance in life and it certainly isn’t something which must be your utmost priority.

The topmost priority in college is your studies and the bonds you make (if you make any, even this is not a requirement).

To all the college students out there, you should focus on your study and well-being and if you’re not in college then it doesn’t mean that you’re missing out on something.

Stop pretending

Stop pretending everything’s fine.

Others don’t give a damn neither a dime.

Life struggles are reality, not a sin or a crime.

It’s hard to keep it in,

When everything falls apart and nothing’s fine.


I see others having fun and enjoying.

I just wish all those good things and happiness were mine.

But I am left here, sitting in a small dark room crying.


Wipe the tears flowing from your eyes.

Happy endings are not true, those are lies.

Somebody save me, these inner demons will finish me and lead to my demise.

Even if it happens, I won’t be surprised.

I am used to it now, I won’t go down but I’ll rise.

The only option is to climb upwards.

There is nothing at the end if I go downwards.


Shoot for the moon and hit the stars,

Just to see how much can I travel.

Will I end up here or go too far?


It’s not about reaching the stars,

It’s all about healing those scars.

I suffered from reckless pain back then,

So I will not give up until I breathe or unless I am dead.


Stop pretending things were fine always.

There is nothing to be afraid of and you have already found solace.

You have a family and loads of friends,

nothing to lose and nothing to gain.


Things don’t work like that though,

Reality is real, even if you want it to be unreal, it sometimes seems surreal.

On the surface, nothing is dirty, everything is clear.


Hoping things will get better soon,

‘Cause I feel relaxed and content,

only once in a blue moon.


Trying to think outside the box.

Trying to be as clever as a fox.

Trying to climb up on the longest wall.

Trying to defy all the odds.


Hope is there as it has always been.

I wish to see those things which I have never seen.

Be as noble as I can get, as noble as no one has ever been.


Don’t have a debt under your belt.

It’s hard to repay and impossible to forget.

Lagging behind you is not an option.

Nagging you constantly is only the solution.


I imagine doing things that no one does.

Imagine thinking those things to whom all that never occurs.

Imagine saying things aloud but only find myself whisper.

This life is a struggle, man! It’s a roller coaster.


Don’t waste it on blame games.

No use calling each other lame names.

Focus on your main aim

Haters will have nothing to say but display shame.

That’s when you know you’re a winner.

You’re a real life hero and not a hero in fiction.





Storm of the yesterday(poem)

Storm of the yesterday has vanished.

Everything is broken, completely demolished.

The strongest of elements have been tarnished.

Everywhere I look, I see panic.


Sunrise has healed few wounds.

There is silver lining even when everything seems doomed.

Keep living the life you have,

Because one day, everything will improve.



You’re at a better place

Loss of a close one is something through which all of us go through at some point. It is a part of life which is unavoidable.

Recently, I was the victim of this suffering and all of our family members and our loved ones were devastated to see an inspirational, loving and caring person leaving us unexpectedly.

He was someone who loved all of us. He had his priorities sorted out and knew what was best for his family and always gave a helping hand to all of us.

I remember since I was a kid he was the one who always pampered me a lot. Probably due to the fact that I was the youngest in the family and I had always been a quiet kid who did not cause much trouble.

I have a lot of memories when he showed me how much he cared about me. For instance, on my 3rd birthday, he brought a cake for me shaped as a helicopter and he helped me cut it into pieces.

That is just one instance where he showed the love and care for me.

Sometimes when I am alone, his absence hits me very hard. It is the first time I have felt how it feels to actually lose a close one with whom you had happy memories. It feels surreal to think that he’s actually gone. I do not want to believe it but it’s true.

Although, when I got to know he had departed the planet, while being shell shocked I felt as if he’s at a better place.

It was an astonishing tragedy but my intuitive feel just said that he is at a better place. Why did I feel that? I don’t know but we will always hope this is true.

Few hours ago, I was having a conversation with a facebook friend and I wrote this quote to him. After writing that message, the motivation to write a blog post about it ignited within me. So here is the quote:

“I know. We can’t stop working. That is not the way to go about all this. We must continue our life and see it as a life changing event. Pledge to always do well wherever we go and keep the loved ones in our heart and remember the things they taught us and the love and care they gave us and has been giving us”.

P.S- He was my dad’s elder brother.

Wonderful Wisdom

Deep thinking

Mind sinking

Bliss of wisdom

Long term visions



In Utopia

Heavenly showers

Mindfulness empowers


Good or evil

Choice you make

Gain wisdom



Being wise

A gift

To conquer demise



A prison

Break free

Gain wisdom


Questions are present

So are the answers

Look within you

In wonderful wisdom.