Newly found crush

I write your name on the last page of notebook
I constantly stalk you on facebook
Seeing you out in public makes me blush
I guess you are my newly found crush.

You’re the one who can turn my life around
Your voice is soothing like it’s a nightingale’s sound.
You have a wonderful and admirable soul
You make me feel hot even when it’s cold.


Miss those moments…

I miss those moments when I was carefree
Back when I used to be so friendly
Real life struggles took over me
I succumbed under the pressure finally.
Tried to break out of this cage
Take a new course of action then make a change
Got stuck and felt lost
Knew got to try harder and don’t be soft.
All I ever do is make more efforts
Put a smile on my face even though it hurts
Count my blessings and all my comforts
In a hope that one day I will recover. 

We don’t talk

We don’t talk like we used to talk
I still think about you when I listen to a sad song.
Some things were right, some wrong.
You were too at fault, believe it or not.

When you were in trouble I was there.
Where are you when I needed you to be here?
Forgot about me too quickly,
I wanted to be with you but lost you so suddenly.

I put my trust in someone I shouldn’t have.
Spent time with you and had uncontrollable laughs.
Made a mistake and stayed too long
You’re the constant reminder I did everything wrong.

Got to be with you but lost some friends
Friendship was forever, this relationship had its end.
Forgot the value of worthy people in life
Painful memories are like a stab with knife.

I can sense a new day is around the corner
Days are shorter and nights are longer
Light gets dimmer and this room gets darker.
I no longer have the person who made me feel stronger.

Ache in Pain

I am so hurt by you
Even my pain has its own ache.
I miss you so much
Want to see you once again!
Mistakes done by you
Still I’ll take all the blame.
You’re sometimes as cold as ice
But your anger is like touching hot

I freeze when I see you
and burn when I don’t.
I don’t want to be jealous
But it’s not my faut, it’s yours.
You make me feel that way
I have so much to think
and nothing to say.

Storm of the yesterday(poem)

Storm of the yesterday has vanished.

Everything is broken, completely demolished.

The strongest of elements have been tarnished.

Everywhere I look, I see panic.


Sunrise has healed few wounds.

There is silver lining even when everything seems doomed.

Keep living the life you have,

Because one day, everything will improve.



I imagine…

I imagine if I could go back to the past.

I imagine if I could change things like that.

I imagine if I could be a totally new person.

I imagine if I could change my life’s purpose.

I imagine if I could time travel.

I imagine if I could see the beginning of this planet.

I imagine if I could start all over again.

I imagine if I could have avoided this pain.

I imagine if I could change my fate.

I imagine if I could meet my soul mate.

I imagine if I could see myself from another person’s eyes.

I imagine if I could witness my own demise.

I need to..

I need to go out.

I need to move my hands.

I need to move my legs.

I need to move on.

I need to get things done.

I need to get over obstacles.

I need to smile back at people.

I need to be a good human.

I need to listen to my favorite song.

I need to also sing along.

I need to eat my favorite food.

I need to learn how to cook.

I need to handle the anxious moments.

I need to enhance my self esteem.

I need to love my work and succeed.

I need to be responsible, I’m no longer sixteen.

I need to be a bit more caring.

I need to be a bit more daring.

I need to learn to have some fun.

I need to be strong in the longer run.

Friendship-Nostalgia !

I think I should see my friends once in a while.
It’ll be worthwhile, a cat has nine but we’ve got only one life.
There can be an after-life.
But I don’t think I’ll be coming back.

So let’s meet that innocence which is no longer with us.
It has been replaced by envy, anguish and hatred.
If I see a ghost today, I am not scared.
It’s the human beings that have become real demons.

So let’s forget about all our problems.
Hand in hand we are going to walk together.
Just like little kids, we would imagine.
I’ll try to do moonwalk in the memory of Michael Jackson.

You can’t sing like a nightingale.
But in my opinion you will never fail.
Sing a song from your heart,
I promise I’ll appreciate.

Just meet me one more time.
I’ll pour the shower of love on you like it has never happened.
I’ll show you what I truly feel about you,
Only if you’re willing to gather.
I’ll see you at the place where we used to meet.
As soon as you reach there, I’d hug you and greet.
We’d laugh together, create new memories which will be sweet as ever.
I’d shake hands with you at my departure.
When can I see you again? I’d wonder.


Walking past the narrow alleys, I try to solve this mystery.
The truth of my existence will one day be a history.
As I continue my slow walk,
I try to live in the moment, struck by nostalgia, I look back at the moments we once shared.
Tears of joy in my eyes as I look at my wrist watch.
It’s 1 AM and another day has already gone.

There is no way to stop the biological clock.
One day you’re a kid, the next day an adult, you open your eyes, completely shocked.
Countdown begins, it feels like there is a time bomb.
You’re not alone, everyone feels it, just stay calm.

Surrounded by the suspense of these thoughts, I am.
Is it real or unreal? It won’t last forever, why am I here?
Sometimes I want to hide, maybe even completely disappear.
Go to the Earth 2.0, alas! It’s away from us about 1400 light years.

I’ll look at the sky and smile.
I’ll be lost in the reverie this night and think something in an artistic style.
Until I solve this mystery, I’d be filled with suspense and surprise.
I will feel like there’s no end to this climax.
I have no control over things, it’s like an Airplane has got hijacked.

Someone out there!

There was a kid, who had no support.
He had a father but he lacked a dad.
He looked for someone who’d bring some fun and don’t make him sad.
Someone who’d teach him how to play soccer and make birthday plans.
A person who’d gift him a cricket or a baseball bat.

He looked for someone who’d give him a pat on his back.
Someone who could guide him on the right track.
A person who could gift him a toy whenever he got mad.
Someone who could read him bedtime stories before taking a nap.

He looked for someone on whom he could rely upon.
A person on whose shoulders he could lean on.
Someone, who’d just for him, sing a song.
A perfect role model who would play with him on a bright sunny day on a lawn.

Sadly, he looked for someone who was never there.
He realized there was not a single person who actually cared.
He had to carry on, doesn’t matter how much he was scared.
He had a big heart, all his happiness, he only looked to share.
He was looking for somebody who was never there, life was just unfair.

Not even the God would listen to his prayer.
He shouted, he yelled, told everyone to stay away, he is dangerous, beware.
He’d change his fate, own it and say bye bye to the feeling of despair.
At last, he looked for something, not someone, who would allow him to breathe fresh air.