Lie to my face

You look me in the eyes
With a straight face
Without a shame
You will leave me one day without a trace.

Lie to me all the time
‘Cause of you I am losing my mind
You drive me insane
You’ve become the reason of all my pain.

Just say the truth once
Be blunt, be upfront
I’m your second choice
Just someone to kill the time.

Don’t play games with me
I am already hurt
Why do you have to play with my feelings?
I need time to recover, I need time to search for my life’s meaning.

You only care about yourself
That’s why you keep lying
When I call you out you start crying
Stop driving me crazy
Stop calling me daily
You are a liar
Stop feeding the fuel in fire.

You keep on lying
I keep on trusting
This is how I get repaid
If you were honest to me I would’ve stayed
But now I am going to go away
I won’t trust you again, I am afraid.


I don’t know….

I don’t know what’s happening.

At this point of time, imagination is what I am lacking.

Some days I cannot fight it out,

some days it is so hard to figure everything out.

I try to be as strong as I can be.

I try to make myself visible but you cannot see me.

Sometimes I get ignored and forgotten.

Sometimes I cannot feel I am alive any longer.

Although I know this experience will only make me stronger.

It gets hard to move on, how do I get rid of this monster?

I can relive, invent myself again, I wonder.

Trying my best would be wiser.

As long as I try my best, I know my future will be brighter.

Silence is the best thing as of now for me,

because it’ll make me a fighter without using any violence.