Fame and Fortune- Is it important?

You see great artists like Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Freddie Mercury, Elvis Presley etc and wish that someday, someone will find you and acknowledge the talent you’ve got and give you a chance to perform at the biggest level to showcase the great skill you’ve acquired over the years. Frankly speaking, almost every teenager once in his/her life thinks about being popular one day and lead a luxurious life but not many are able to achieve their dream of being extraordinarily talented. To an extent, it depends if you’ve got natural talent or not. That is a big reason which differentiates prodigies from other people. It’s not wise to run after a luxurious life and think about being famous.

Although, many people (including me) find it difficult to resist this feeling but deep down, we all know what is actually important in life and that is, the love of the family and friends. Having few close friends and a family is all we hope to desire after being famous.

Obviously, people will provide you ample amount of attention and would like to be friends. Just like everything else, famous people have got their own troubles like they have to keep an eye on the people on whom they can actually trust because nearly everyone tries to ride on their fame. Some people equate popularity as being successful but in my opinion, success is not achieving something materialistic. According to my view, you’re successful if in the end, you’re satisfied by yourself and your work. Anyway, that’s just a point of view.

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The fact is that many people just wish to become popular without actually trying to develop love for an art. Yes, the media has shown that it’s altogether a different world but in the end, the reality is that they are just human beings like us and it’s we who make them popular. Not denying the fact that they are at that position because of their hard work but we should start doing something productive with our lives and stop obsessing over celebrity lifestyle.

Fame and fortune

You might still think that it is important to be popular and rightly so but always remember to love yourself and set your priorities right even if you don’t achieve this particular dream. The best way to become popular is, I think, develop love for an art and do it for your own happiness. In that way, you’ll love yourself and it is a universal fact that it’s only when you love yourself, you’ll learn to love others.

Developing a skill will leave you satisfied and what’s better than being content in life? I don’t think there’s a bigger feeling than that.

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