Original Thinker

Mundane activities are unexciting. Well, that’s why they’re “mundane”.  As a matter of fact, if someone tells you to do a repetitive task everyday it wouldn’t feel like a pleasing activity. Diversion can fulfill the missing element of adventure and excitement in a so called “mundane activity”.  Critical and original thinking are the root cause of new theories which, on occasions, also defy the beliefs of existing theories. It is not only for that purpose, of course, it gives a sense of feeling alive and doing something new; something different.

While writing this, suddenly that saying from Thomas Edison comes to my mind-“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”. I have started to believe this is actually right. If you’ve read about perception you’ll understand that two different individuals never perceive the world in the same way. They’ll have variations, dissimilarity and unique ideologies and beliefs according to their own mindset and experiences.

I personally believe that our system must promote original thinking instead of rote learning. In the real world, this method won’t work and today’s schools and some colleges do not prepare all the students for life outside our comfort zone. It is the “out-of-the-box” thinking which ultimately makes you a winner. Think something which will get you to the place where you want to be.

Apparently, daydreaming about becoming a famous personality, getting rich, finding fulfillment leads you nowhere. Creative visualization can help heaps but only if you’re willing to make a plan to reach to your goals. But, I am guilty of this crime as well. It is easier said than done, another cliché, although true. In today’s world, where competition is on the rise, it is important to be an original thinker. Even if you get most things wrong, it won’t make you a failure rather you’d learn more and come out as a champion.

“Be an original thinker and promote the need of the hour, that is, new and original thinking”.