Rainy days

I still remember those rainy days,

When nights were better than those regular days.

Being alone never made me feel lonely.

I did have a friend and that was me; one and only.


Dusk seemed brighter and more peaceful than dawn.

I am still  here but those  moments have long gone.

All the right things now seem wrong.

Late at night, I  am  wandering in this empty lawn.


Walking underneath this starry night.

I wait for an unexpected miracle to strike.

Reality is not a fairy tale,

I keep walking as I wish to confront my fate.


Hope keeps us strong and alive.

Till the day comes when we face our  demise.

A sad reality looms over us and wait for arrival,

As we fight and struggle everyday for our survival.


See what happens..

On a terrible day or on a dreadful night, only one thought occurs to me which helps me keep going on in life. To keep giving me a hope that things will eventually work out, this is like a magic spell which heals mental exhaustion and display a new ray of light promising me that new opportunities are about to come so I must not stop.

“See what happens”, I say after a long dialogue to assure me that anything can happen and I must not assume. If you think about it deeply, you will notice it can bring out different emotions. Like, I feel the thrill and excitement to think about it. It has taught me to leave my worries aside for a moment and focus on the present. For example, one night I was worrying that I might not be able to complete my assignment within this week and after expressing everything to a close friend, I realized there was nothing that could help me but only doing my work will be the best option. Besides observing that only doing my assignment will help me, I also realized that they can’t say anything to make me feel better.

But what I wanted was there. I wanted to get everything off my chest and it helped. And then, observing that they got nothing to say, at last, I said to break the silence “see what happens.” I don’t know if this happens to anybody else but thinking about “what” will happen give me chills. I feel excited and nervous at the same time. I feel frightened and relaxed at the same time. It gives me a sense of pleasure and relaxation to know that worry can be put to rest and I can focus on this present moment. Worrying can come later as well, so do not think too much about the future and lie back on your bed because you will have to “see what happens.”