Daily Dilemma

Try to see things from their eyes and you will realize that they suffer and there are no lies

They act as if everything’s fine when they cry all night

Put a smile on their face and live their life.


Why no one is there when you need someone?

What’s up with their story that they don’t care?

Well, you can only control what you do

Remaining things are not up to you.


That girl said we’d be together

Whether it is warm or cold weather

Just when you feel as if they’re your soul mate

They prove otherwise and you ponder over your fate.


Is it the world we live in then?

Where you have to buy your every friend

This is the place where no one cares

Where everyone is greedy and nothing is shared.


Your friends will tell you they’re with you forever

Next second they vanish and see you never

Blame game starts and you fight with them

Chaos happens and cause mayhem


You go home and try to sleep

Your head hurts as the demons in your head are too deep

Fear settles as your heart races

Your hands are trembling and your body is shaking.


We just try to pass each day

In this mundane life where no one wants to play

Life has itself become a big game

I have only one life and I have to change.


So next day I try once more

Only to find myself in the same spot I was before

I may go insane and lose control

If that happens promise me you’ll let me go.