Edge of the Bridge

I move along with time in despair
Wish I can be content, that’s my only prayer
An update is needed in my software
You tell me not to act like a robot,
But what if it’s just my only goal?
I don’t need counseling or someone who wants to console
‘Cause I stopped caring years ago
I don’t care, I have sold my soul
Or maybe someone came and stole
The heart that I once had made of gold,
It’s not in my possession
Life happened and it taught me a lesson

Never let your emotions come out
To the world ’cause it doesn’t care
You got to face the obstacles
Life isn’t fair
I look like a human from the outside just like you
But you don’t really know me, you haven’t walked in my shoes
I was the only one who pulled myself through
Now I look back at my life and try to review
There were so many opportunities that I blew
Not that I did not knew
But I was naive enough not to know their value

So now I stand at the edge of the bridge
Pondering the thought of jumping and be finished
Or maybe give it a chance and give my life a meaning
Find the joy in something and start living
The idea is a scary phenomenon
It’s a long journey though, soon I’ll be twenty one
I try to put a smile on your face
But I fail to write sentences that are articulate

I use a language that is straight
No beating around the bush, that’s insane
Get to the point and say what you want to say
A night is a night and a day is a day
No matter how I say it, it’ll remain the same
I just want to convey
I only know how to express only in this particular way
Plenty of events wait ahead
It’ll be no fun without a friend
Till then I’ll be killing my time
Find different ways to express myself and make them rhyme



“Every day is a new opportunity and every day we face plenty of choices without realizing their long term consequences.”

Ever think about it? I do. Although I am by no means brilliant or successful. I don’t have an IQ as high as Albert Einstein, I am clearly not great in sports (although I run fast and used to jump 5m in long jump, a sort of humble brag) and I still have a lot to learn.

I have made mistakes in the past and I have no hesitation to admit I’ll continue to do so. That is the epitome of being human, isn’t it?

So, the choice. Why does choice matter? It matters because it has consequences. Each and every choice you make everyday will have an effect on your life whether major or minor.

Wake up early or sleep a bit more? Play video games or study? Drink coffee or orange juice? Read a book or watch a TV series?

These might seem small and guess what? They’re actually small things. These small things make a big difference though. Every single drop of water is necessary to make up an ocean. Similarly, every choice has an impact on your life.

Once this realization hit you, your point of view shifts and you see things in a new light. Let me address why our choices so vital. People often say they don’t have the motivation to study. They don’t have the motivation to do this, to do that etc. But here is the secret. It’s not about motivation. Motivation comes and goes. For success, one needs to be disciplined.

How do you discipline yourself? By making small adjustments, small things, and small habits etc. This is why I earlier said small things make a big difference. It is not about that surge of renewed energy we call motivation that makes you successful in the long run. It’s the discipline.

Make small changes. Build small but effective hobbies. See the change in your lifestyle when you make small changes and slowly shift your point of view. The miracles of small but effective habits will assist you in the long run.

Remember, you make plenty of choices every day and every choice has consequences. It’s up to you to decide for yourself and analyze the situation properly. Only then you will be able to reflect on your life more carefully.

Grand scheme

“I don’t matter in the grand scheme of things.”

This realization will be termed depressing or nihilistic or cynical. However, this is the reality. As they say, life is neither fair nor unfair. It’s indifferent. Universe is indifferent. It’ll continue to move forward with or without you. Time doesn’t wait or stop for anyone.

Here I am reflecting on my short life I have lived so far. So much has already happened. Things have gone bad more than good yet here I am thinking about my future, writing this up and pondering over the reason of my existence.

I remain quiet. I talk less and listen more. The reason is not many people want to listen. Everyone wants to speak. So, I observe and try to listen more to understand the other person.

The grand scheme and the big picture, that’s what I   think about now. I go out every day and see thousands of people. There are literally billions of people in this world. I can’t help but think “I don’t matter in the grand scheme of things.”

I am just one person. Out of all the billion people, I am one, with my own dreams, desires and goals. This realization is so liberating but at the same time leaves me with void. It’s the void of meaninglessness.

Top Tips to Keep Your Teeth Healthy and Hygienic

You wake up in the morning and just as you’re about to get ready, you open your mouth, and the reflection in the mirror horrifies you as you see your teeth looking as yellow as a dab of butter on pancakes. Then your alarm clock rings and you wake up in reality. However, such a nightmare can turn into reality if you don’t take care of your teeth on a regular basis.

What habits to practice for healthy teeth?

First things first, always make sure you brush your teeth at least twice a day. When you don’t brush often, bacteria build up on your tooth which leads to the formation of plaque. Tooth decay and gum disease are caused when the bacteria release acids.  It’s essential to brush at least twice a day, to avert the formation of plaque. Most people often ignore flossing. Only brushing the teeth is not enough. The remains of the food that you eat often get stuck between the teeth. Plenty of people think it doesn’t make a difference, but in the long run, it can have a severe negative impact on your teeth as the chances of cavity increases.

Avoid smoking. Smoking affects your breath, and even more importantly, it gives teeth a yellowish appearance if done over a long time.  Apart from dental hygiene, smoking affects other body organs, so that gives you many reasons to avoid it.

Never rush while brushing. Taking ample time to brush your teeth is not a crime. Also, rushing can cause an injury to your gum area which can lead to abscess formation. Brush your teeth gently, softly and take the time to do it.

Using mouthwash can whiten your teeth and as a result, it gives you fresh breath.

Reasons why dental care is important

If you maintain health and hygiene of your teeth, apart from you people around you will also be happy. Imagine you’re about to ask out the girl of your dreams and everything is going well until you open your mouth. Do you think anybody would find someone with bad breath or with ugly looking tooth attractive? The answer is no. In social gatherings, you ought to look well and presentable. Taking good care of dental hygiene is often not taken seriously by people that can cause a lot of trouble.

If you think about it deeply enough, dental care can save you tons of money. Ever heard the adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”?  Well, it is certainly true in this case. Curing dental problems cost a lot of money, and you’d be far better off if you decide to keep them healthy. Do not purchase cheap dental products.

How often should you visit the dentist?

Good dental care prevents a person to visit a dentist for as long as a year, but the general advice is to visit a dentist once in every three or four months.




Ukulele- An Easy To Learn Hawaiian Musical Masterpiece

Ukulele is one of the easiest instruments to learn for beginners. The element that sets it apart from rest of the instruments is that commonly it has four strings which makes it easy to play and often consumes less time as compared to instruments such as classical guitar, violin, bagpipe etc.

The size and shape of ukulele varies. The three standard sizes of ukulele are soprano, concert and tenor. There is a fourth type of ukulele as well which is called a baritone ukulele. The main difference among these three types and baritone is that while the three customary sizes are harmonized in the same way the baritone ukulele is harmonized differently. As a result, while one’s skills are transferable among soprano, concert and tenor there is a different skill set required for learning baritone ukulele.

Among the standard ukulele, soprano ukulele is the smallest one. Historically, all ukuleles used to be soprano.  Naturally, people visualize a soprano ukulele when they hear about this instrument. It has traditional reverberation which makes it special among those who aspire to learn it. The length of a soprano ukulele is 21 inches and its scale is 13 inches. Scale refers to the part from nut to bridge from where the instrument is played.

The second standard ukulele is Concert ukulele. The fretboard is broader as compared to the soprano ukulele. It has a bigger length and scale as well. The length of the Concert ukulele is 23 inches while the scale is 15 inches.

The third standard ukulele is Tenor ukulele. It is the largest among three standard sizes. It has a long neck and the bigger dimension of it makes it look impressive, exciting and attractive. Its bigger length gives it an enchanting and boasting sound. It has a length of 26 inches and a scale of 19 inches.

The baritone ukulele is different from the above mentioned standard sizes. It has a deeper sound and a guitar-like tuning. Its length is 30 inches and scale is 19 inches.

One of the biggest advantages of ukulele is that it’s portable. You can take it from one place to another without much hassle. It is a light-weight, easy-to-carry instrument. The materials that are used in manufacturing the instrument determine the weight of the ukulele. Cheaper ukuleles are usually made from plywood whereas costly ukuleles are usually made of mahogany. Hence, you can take this instrument anywhere and everywhere you want without much trouble.

Plenty of people recommend learning ukulele because it’s relatively easy. So which ukulele should you buy?  Generally speaking, people would buy soprano ukulele as it is historically valuable and it gives a traditional feel to play the oldest type of the instrument.

Consider your budget and buy the one that is affordable to you. The general advice for beginners would be to start with soprano. However, you can try all three standard sizes and decide the best and most suitable to you.


Five content writing tips for beginners

Web content has a major role to play in marketing. It’s substantial to have engaging web content to connect with the audience. More clicks get your website at the top in search results. Therefore, high-quality and comprehensible web content has a huge impact on your brand’s marketing.

High-quality content is a must have for a website’s ranking. Here are some tips that one should be aware of before starting with content writing.

Enticing headlines: Headlines should be such that they attract readers. Headlines must be short, precise and an accurate reflection of the theme of your topic. Such headlines that lure the reader to continue reading increases the interest of your readers and makes them to come back for more information.

Research:  Research the content you’re going to put out there for others to read. Before writing the content, one must make sure that they have extensive knowledge of the topic that they’re writing about. To back your claims, using statistical data, charts, pie chart, bar graph etc makes your content look reliable and authentic.

Accurate grammar: From start to bottom, the grammar must be correct. Excellent grammar ensures that your content looks professional and marketable. Readers will take your word seriously only if they understand what you’re trying to convey to them. Readers should have no confusion left when they read your article.

Focus on the theme of your topic: Do not change the topic of your article at any point. Make sure you convey your point in fewer words and be precise in what you write. Confusing your audience is not your goal. The goal is to give them proper information and build their trust on you and your brand.

Be original: Last but not the least; originality takes you a long way. With new content being posted on the internet every second it is highly important for you to make sure that your content is original. Plagiarism hurts your brand’s reputation. Copying content can result in your readers avoiding you and your brand and this will ensure that they do not trust you. Also, there are other dangers of plagiarizing as well. There can be legal consequences of plagiarizing. An author has the right to sue if one copies their work without any prior permission or without citation and reference. Therefore, one must make sure that their content is original and the style of writing is unique to the readers.

The five tips mentioned are to be taken seriously as it helps you to create engaging content. Little details of an article make a lot of difference. Interesting headlines keeps the reader interested and sparks their curiosity to look for more information. Researching the topic helps you to come up with new observations. Correct grammar helps your content look professional and increases your audience at a global level. Also, a unique style of the writer brings an excitement to the reader’s eyes. High-quality content pulls existing and new readers to your website.