“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”

My observation suggests this statement is true. Well, I have considered myself a realist but people of my age often perceive me as a pessimist. Well, I guess the truth hurts so they want to find flaws in me so that their views don’t get challenged.

Anyway, I know media teaches them all kinds of vague stuff and give them the false hope. They say things like “follow your passion, the money will follow”, “Be yourself and people will love you for the way you are”. It gives you false hope, the advice itself is vague and it’s, quite frankly, utterly ridiculous because it doesn’t give you any realistic opportunities/goals. I fell for all of this as a teenager as well but lately I’ve realized that this attitude doesn’t get you anywhere. Everyone’s situation is different.

The reason why I think attitude makes a significant difference in a person’s life is because of my own observation. I have an elder brother who has always been very talented. He always had the raw talent to begin with. Ever since he was a kid, he was opposite of me. He was athletic, good in sports, loved swimming, above-average/excellent in studies, above-average/excellent in art & craft and a positive entertaining person. You know your ideal guy. The one everyone wants to be around.

But his temperament is something that has always restricted him. He gets angry easily, gets irritated when things don’t go his way and he’s a bit entitled as well. That has always been the reason of his lack of progress.

Also, I have a friend who is talented as well but he’s so non-serious that it is annoying. He has the skills and the talent yet he hasn’t done anything of significance in the field in which he has talent because he takes time for granted and can’t be bothered to put some effort. He’s waiting for things to happen instead of making them happen.

I am no Bruce Lee, but I have been exercising a bit these days. I always go in with the mindset that if I can do 10 pushups I will do 15. If I can do 15, I’ll do 20. I know it’s not much and I have a lot to improve. However, I was merely focusing on the mindset here.

My mindset is to get better and push my limits whereas I have friends who also come to exercise and half of the time they’re talking rather than exercising. The thing that bothers me is that they’re not showing the intent to exercise and improve. I don’t mind if someone does 1 pushup or 100 pushups. What I want is the intent to put in effort and get better. This is an example. Intent to improve can be applied in everything that we do.

Small things in life make a lot of difference. This mindset to show intent to improve can get one far. Mere talent is not enough for success. The temperament and the attitude are vital for one’s success.