Figment of imagination

Create a tree or a bee or a sea

Make a rainbow or anything else you want to see

Lovely things or dangerous beings

All up to you, you are free.


Do they exist or do they don’t?

Is it real or a figment of imagination?

You can make anything you want to make

That’s the beauty of our puzzling brain


As long as you remain curious

Nothing is going to bore you ever

You can have turns and twists

You can take so many risks


You can be kind or clever

You can sleep or dance forever

These can be good or bad

These can give you peace or drive you mad.


It’s the figment of imagination that makes it real

If it doesn’t exist in physical world, doesn’t mean it is unreal

Art is amazing and art is persuasive

Think things up and be creative


Share what you've got, it matters.

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