A voyage to the mountains

I was waiting for the trip to begin but a sudden feel of nervousness and excitement resided in me an evening before. How is it going to be? Will I have fun? Is it going to be okay? I wondered as I packed my stuff for a 5-day trip.

On the morning of 11th December 2016, I woke up early at around 4:00 AM to calm my nerves. It was a short tour but I was going to be out of my hometown after a long time. I was excited but nervous as well. I got  ready,  double  checked if I  had  packed  everything that I needed  and left home to get to my buddy’s house  from where me and  his  family were going to  depart for the  bus stop.

Once we were in the bus, I was just in the moment and was calm.  The adventure had begun and it was a 6-7 hour ride to the place where we were going. It was a village called “Dandi”.


It was a long, tiring day. We had dinner and while initially it was awkward for me to be at a family occasion where I was not invited, I started to shift my perspective on the situation after some amount of time. I thought  to myself that it  was a great time to be here  as  everyone seemed happy and I started to feel the  same  as they didn’t  hold back to share their happiness.

We were tired after such a long bus ride. I had a sound sleep that night.

blog3.png This place had an aura of peace. Away from  all the things back at home,  the trap I  was bounded in,  I  found  a  way  in  solace.

The real adventure of our trip began on December 12th, 2016. We woke up early to head to Rishikesh. The plan was to see Lakshmann and Ram Jhoola there.  It was amazing to be there. The view from the bridge was magnificent. Looking far away from the ground to sky was breathtaking. I was glad to be there.blog6.png

We  spent the entire  day  in Rishikesh.

December  14th, 2016, was a day to  be  at  Mussoorie. The bus ride  to  that place had many twists and turns. The ride left me feeling a  bit  nauseous for a while  but eventually, I managed to spend  the entire ride without much difficulty.  Once again, looking out of the window the  scenery in front of me  looked heavenly. I wanted  to stare and  stare and  stare ….

Our destination was  Gun  Hill. We had  the option  to go  by  trolly but we   decided  it’d be  quite unenthusiastic  for  our young body to take the  easy way out.  We  trekked to the   Gun Hill which  covered  a distance of  about 1 km from  the library  bus  stand. It doesn’t sound like a lot  of distance but the  way  was  steep and going upwards was a big challenge for us. With  a bit  of difficulty  and  pain in our  lower  back(guess we  are  getting old! Ha!) we managed to reach  the top. It  was a proud feeling that we did  it by  our hard work.IMG_0137.JPG

I had a very  good sleep  that night. I was glad  I  did this  trip. I was beginning  to  get trapped  in  my mind before I  came here and this trip helped me to break  that routine  of  thoughts.  It changed me in a good way and I felt a change of environment  had helped me to change my perspective on life a little bit  as well.

On 15th December,  we were supposed  to come back at home but  we decided to stay one  more day. It  was a  rest day for  us. I reflected on the  things we recently had done and it  was good to realize that me and my  friend  had traveled to Rishikesh and  Mussoorie all by  ourselves.

I felt our  bond also got a tad bit stronger as we got to know each other at a more human  level.  I didn’t  find much difference  between his family  and mine. I realized we  are different but  yet we have some  similarities.

We were back at home on December 16th,  2016. I  brought  many memories with me and the kindness and love the people in  Uttarakhand gave me was heart warming. I never felt away from home for any moment. It is a  place where I would like to come again one day. Here is  a short  poem I wrote while I was there:

Here I sit in a new place
Forgetting about the old days
not worrying about what anyone says
Discovering myself in new ways

Wandered in the mountains
Found new passions
Wonderful scenery stole my heart
Nature has created an amazing art.nooooooo.png

I would love to come back one day
To see its lovely face once again

I’ll slow down and walk at my own pace
As there is no rush and there’s no race.


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