We don’t talk like we used to talk
I still think about you when I listen to a sad song.
Some things were right, some wrong.
You were too at fault, believe it or not.

When you were in trouble I was there.
Where are you when I needed you to be here?
Forgot about me too quickly,
I wanted to be with you but lost you so suddenly.

I put my trust in someone I shouldn’t have.
Spent time with you and had uncontrollable laughs.
Made a mistake and stayed too long
You’re the constant reminder I did everything wrong.

Got to be with you but lost some friends
Friendship was forever, this relationship had its end.
Forgot the value of worthy people in life
Painful memories are like a stab with knife.

I can sense a new day is around the corner
Days are shorter and nights are longer
Light gets dimmer and this room gets darker.
I no longer have the person who made me feel stronger.