Think like a winner!

There are two kinds of people in this world: victors and victims.

Victors are the kind who think positive and get back up easily when they are down.  No one has a perfect life but it’s the small things that need to be appreciated to be happy and content. They smile, they laugh at their mistakes along with others, they try to help others and they are full of hope. Ever met someone who seems always happy? Those people give a positive vibe no matter what the situation is. As a lot of successful people have also said, “you need to first think like a winner before you can be a winner.”

On the other hand, there are victims.  Victims complain how the life is so unfair to them. They whine and spend their life in misery. This part is not a problem. We all have problems and some have more than others but it’s the approach that still matters. Talking about your problems and discussing it with people is not something to be ashamed of. It is actually the first step to a solution. The problem arises when they only discuss it again and again without acting upon it.

Realizing is the first step.  Discussing your problems is the second and having a plan and executing it is the third. Victims usually succeed in the first two steps but fail when it comes to third. That’s when they become victims.

A person who creates, learns and think like a winner will achieve things and beat the odds in his/her life while a person who complains,  doesn’t try, doesn’t put in effort to achieve things will spend his life in misery. It’s a hard fact to understand that life is simply unfair. It’s you who has to decide what you want out of life.

So, are you a victor or a victim?


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