Why do you write if no one reads?

Why do you write if no one reads? Few people have asked me this question.

So here I want to reason why it is such an important thing for me to keep writing.

It feels like I have pulled off a massive weight off my chest. My mind does crazy things and I have a tendency to over think. Writing always helps me to process my thoughts and be well connected with them. I do not do this to please others but myself.

Often some people do tell me that what I am saying is quite right but then they question why I do not always follow my own advice if I know so much. The simple answer is it is the first step to acknowledge the stuff that brings you down and knowing what you can do to change it but we humans have emotions as well. Only knowing and being aware is not enough. We need time to better ourselves as well. Life is like a rollercoaster ride. There are always ups and down and that is what most people actually fail to realize. We experience happiness, sadness, fear, love, rejection, dejection, loneliness, excitement, anxiety etc. and this is what makes it all wonderful yet terrifying at the same time. So, thinking that wisdom and intelligence are going to cover your every flaw is a misconception because human beings are flawed and they make mistakes even if they don’t want to.

Coming back to my original point of why I write even if no one is willing to read, I do it for fun, for the pure joy of it and that is rare stuff. Finding something which you can do just for the heck of it is the most satisfying and calm feeling that we can experience.


3 thoughts on “Why do you write if no one reads?

  1. Hey Viby, great post and I am in total agreement with you. I think people write for different reasons, for some people it is a “numbers” game. For me, I don’t let the analytics control me, I write because it is good therapy for me – it is pleasant when people comment and connect with my postings so it is a nice bonus, but the true spirit of my blog is so that in a world where I feel very silenced, I still have a voice. Sometimes, it may just be me that is listening, but it is a good feeling to hear myself and learn more about myself through my writing. Be yourself, it doesn’t get any better than that! Peace, Harlon

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  2. Aastha Khanna

    Great post! We live in a society, where no one has actually got time to listen ! Writing is an escape. It not only helps us n pouring our heart out but also lets us connect with other individuals and gain knowledge. 🙂

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