Why social media is a great tool to improvise education

The use of social media has been increasing day by day which is very obvious. People are realizing the benefits of internet and they know that social media has a lot to offer in terms of knowledge, monetary gains and making new connections or making the existing bonding among people even stronger.

Recently, I have noticed that there are a lot of e-learning platforms from top institutions that have been helping students from across the globe to get access to information and it’s safe to say that these institutions have revolutionized the way of teaching and learning.

Even the students who are not so fortunate of being a part of these top institutions now have that liberty and opportunity to experience the classroom environment that they offer.

I noticed 3 points in which social media can revolutionize education and some of these have already been implemented:

  • Learn languages: We know that you can always go traditional way to learn a language but social media allows us to connect with each other around the globe. This means that we can use a website where you can have specialized people in different countries who can teach their native languages to anyone who wants to learn. It will provide us a platform to learn and learning from native people might also allow us to get some insight about their culture.
  • Online availability of material: Free access to information. Largely implemented now but there is still a lot of stuff that is not yet available. Giving access to information really is a great step to improvise education.
  • Knowing your teachers well: Social media has the power to connect us directly to our teachers and mentors. The future has the potential to connect us to the great minds and actually talk to them on a one on one basis and take guidance to move further in our life.

These are the 3 great things about social media which can improvise our educational methods and through which we can definitely get better and improve as a person.


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