5 good things about being a minimalist

Early on in life I have learned to lead a minimalist lifestyle. Although, I used to believe that while being a minimalist I might be missing out on fun I have realized that learning the art of minimalism can help later on in life and it teaches patience which we teenagers generally lack. I have come to believe that minimalism is actually significant if you can’t afford expensive stuff. It also teaches us to buy valuable stuff and keeps our mind off of unnecessary things.

I like the fact that if you’re a minimalist then you have the liberty to buy things which you actually need rather than what you want and allows you to save more money than you would save if you bought useless stuff.

To think about it, there are clearly lots of benefits of being a minimalist-

1-Allows saving: If you are employed and live a minimalistic life then you have the liberty to save money and increase the figures in your bank account by a good margin after every paycheck. Learning the art of minimalism early on in life can save you loads of stress and hard work.

2-Stress-free life: Clearly, if you are satisfied with your financial situation then there is a high chance that you can spend your leisure time doing the activities you enjoy without thinking about when you will get your next paycheck so that you can buy that expensive new gadget you have been aiming to buy for the last few days. If your needs are limited, you can live a relatively stress free life.

3-Extra time: I guess this is the most valuable thing in the world. Lots of people have money but few have lots of time. Extra time to spend with your loved ones and going out to have fun with friends is probably the nicest thing to do in this world. After all, what is better than having a deep conversation with lifelong friends while being out for a dinner at a pleasant restaurant?

4-Focus on important things: Being a minimalist allows you to focus on what’s necessary and what’s not. Rather than buying an expensive gadget every month, it’d be better to try a new dish every once in a while.

5-Nothing to lose: If you don’t own much then you won’t have much to lose. Recently my android phone was stolen but I had bought it last year and it was so inexpensive that I didn’t feel too bad about it. Yes, I was heart-wrenched to lose it like that but due to the fact that I hadn’t spent a lot of money on it gave me a better feeling. Imagine getting an iphone 6 and then getting it stolen. Whoa! There are tears in my eyes even imagining it.

Minimalism is such a valuable art to learn early on in life. Half of our problems arise because we own too much stuff that we do not need to impress others. Get rid of useless stuff and enjoy the peace of mind that you’re more likely to attain if there are no distractions. Minimalism is all about setting your priorities right.


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