Curse by the baby boomers

The world is already heavily populated. Currently a population of 7 billion people (2011) in the world is already an alarming sign as the exploitation of the resources has been still going on.

After World War 2, US experienced a rapid rise in birth rate and the population grew. It slowed down in 1960s but the damage was somewhat done.

World’s most populous countries are having it worse than the USA though. While realistic and logical people in the USA suggests that young people looking for a career should either opt for STEM degree or join the military, the same cannot be said about a country like India.

Due to such a massive population, people usually suggest either go for a business if you already have one or study liberal arts because doing a STEM degree doesn’t guarantee placement and there is no job security. The main reason they suggest less harder subjects to study is that they do not think STEM degrees might be worth the time and hard work as there is no job security. It has become a vicious cycle.

In my humble opinion, your best bet would be-

  • Spend as less money as possible on education.
  • Set up a small business (if you can).
  • Do not take student loans unless there is a reliable source of income already.
  • Do vocational training.
  • Save up money.
  • For Indians, the best thing has always been the government job. There are too many benefits. Hence, everybody knows that is the best thing to do.

The reason you need to step out and not be a sheep is that there is far too much competition and it is getting harder to find jobs every year. Remember to learn an actual skill which is in demand.





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