A pen to remember

I was sitting in my classroom daydreaming about what I will do once I get home. It was the last class and I couldn’t wait for it to be over. All of a sudden, a student from the other class entered and called me to meet my class teacher.

I got up, wondering what I have done to get in trouble and I was anxious.

I trudged toward the other room and when I reached, my teacher said wait outside the class.

I waited, hoping it’ll soon get over. After about it felt like an eternity but in reality, only few minutes had been passed, my teacher came up to me.

I braced myself to receive an epic scolding but that didn’t happen.

She put her hand into her purse and pulled out a pen.

She said “You’re a very nice kid and be like this always. I am giving you this pen and it is a gift to you from my side and I wish you best of luck for your final exams.”

I was taken aback. I never expected that will happen. I did not see that coming, but, this was something that I will remember for a long time, maybe forever.

It was a pen to be remembered and this was one of the best memories I have from my school days.



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