Chris Gayle remark!

Recently, there has been an issue that has been getting a lot of coverage.

Chris Gayle( the West Indian cricketer) has been fined $10,000 for a remark he made on a TV reporter.

His original remarks were “You have nice eyes, maybe we can grab a drink after the match, don’t blush.”

I do not understand why this has been labelled harassment? It was clearly indicated as a joke and it was not in anyway meant to be derogatory.

He politely made a bit of a banter and media are saying that it’s disrespectful.

I, personally, think it can be a publicity stunt for BBL or if people actually believe this incident was disrespectful then are they saying that men should not even politely ask someone for a drink? I do not understand how people will form relationships if women are going to get offended by receiving a compliment?

I do not think it was disrespectful. This particular incident just seems like a publicity stunt to me.


4 thoughts on “Chris Gayle remark!

  1. The situation may have advanced a little too far to be considered a publicity stunt at this point, but it is definitely crazy. I understand the objection that one might not want to face that sort of approach continuously while at work, but it was conceded to be a once off by the woman herself so the objections begin to fail from the outset. So the objection becomes merely the workplace setting, not repeated exposure. But you have to wonder how many people have dated, or even married, their co-workers at some point in their life. I’m sure that’s not an insignificant number. Are all these people sexual harassers? Even the women? At some point you are infringing on basic human interactions. You may be at work, but you are still a human being with emotions. So what’s really left? How he said it? Basically it reduces to a subjective interpretation of his style; was he #smooth at the broadcaster tweeted, or was he ‘slimy’ as the rest of twitter has determined. It’s like holding a door open, one girl will find it condescending, another will consider it good manners. Either way it’s only an opinion, and it is quite disturbing to see (only certain politically correct) opinions carry more weight than objective reality, and replace a balanced discussion.

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  2. The underlying issue here is that, in the scenario, both Gayle and McLaughlin were in their ‘workplace’, where such advances are almost exclusively frowned upon. I have no doubt Gayle had no ill-intent with his comments, and personally I also believe the backlash has been blown way out of proportion. But there’s a time and place for comments like his, and on-air during a BBL interview just wasn’t one of them.

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