Recently, there has been an issue that has been getting a lot of coverage.

Chris Gayle( the West Indian cricketer) has been fined $10,000 for a remark he made on a TV reporter.

His original remarks were “You have nice eyes, maybe we can grab a drink after the match, don’t blush.”

I do not understand why this has been labelled harassment? It was clearly indicated as a joke and it was not in anyway meant to be derogatory.

He politely made a bit of a banter and media are saying that it’s disrespectful.

I, personally, think it can be a publicity stunt for BBL or if people actually believe this incident was disrespectful then are they saying that men should not even politely ask someone for a drink? I do not understand how people will form relationships if women are going to get offended by receiving a compliment?

I do not think it was disrespectful. This particular incident just seems like a publicity stunt to me.