Lately I have started to question my approach when it comes to build an audience.

From last few years I have been expecting that an audience is built naturally. Create good content and the people will follow. While it is true that creating original and good content is very much significant, it is not possible to stay anonymous when you’re trying to put yourself out there.

It is a community, a virtual society where you contribute what you feel you can contribute. I have been relating this virtual society to the real society.

How real society works? How do you earn money? Taking an easy example. Simply put, consider that you have a part time job as a delivery boy. You have to deliver a pizza to a residence. Until and unless you deliver that pizza you won’t get the money as an exchange. Therefore, you have to connect with the audience(customer) in order to receive the reinforcement(money).

There is a similar pattern which I have noticed since the start of this year. Within 5 days my stats improved significantly as compared to the daily views I used to get in the last 2 years.

Reason has been simple. I have started to communicate and participate more than ever and I can sense the changes within these 5 days.

Until and unless you do not connect with other people, nobody is going to notice you, if you’re already a celebrity then the case might be different.

Look at someone like Justin Beiber. He makes an album, makes millions by selling it but he cannot stop there. Why? To keep his audience interested in his work, he needs to constantly go on touring and do concerts to connect with his audience so that people notices him.

Connecting with audience is important because it shows you care about them, you respect their opinions, you help them out via giving them feedback on their work as well.

Therefore, in order to make your brand popular you need to first build the audience for your work. Simply neglecting and not participating in a community will result in isolation from others and nobody is going to notice where you have vanished.

Just like any other job, promoting yourself on social media takes dedication, participation and communication.