Atheist vs Agnostic

Well, an atheist doesn’t believe in God at all and an agnostic is someone who, in simple terms, is not sure about the existence of God and does not commit to a religion.

I used to think I was an atheist back when I didn’t know about the word agnostic. As I learned more about this word, I found out that being an atheist is just as ignorant as being an extremist.

Atheists tend to be completely rule out the possibility of a higher form that is responsible for the inception of life.

While it is true that there is no acceptable evidence of God, it is also true that we cannot simply deny it.

I personally prefer to be an agnostic rather than an atheist.

Atheists mock the beliefs of the people who have faith in God which is not right. Mocking and denying are the components which leads us nowhere. Better stay neutral when it comes to this topic.


11 thoughts on “Atheist vs Agnostic

  1. Your account of agnosticism ignores the hard variant.
    You seem to leave out all together the possibility of being both agnostic and atheist.
    You don’t deal with questions about of default judgements, burdens of proof, or marking relationships in debate.

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    1. I understand. It’s just that, generally, I have seen atheists straight out mock the beliefs of religious people which is also quite inappropriate.
      But, yes, in this particular post, I didn’t thought about being an agnostic and an atheist at the same time.
      Thanks for the comment. Cheers!

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    2. I actually agree in with Viby’s post. —
      To be Atheist and Agnostic at the same time is oxymoron’esque. Both reflect one’s level of spiritual consciousness.
      Agnosticism (higher conscious): the belief God could be or could not be real because one feels he or she has no proof of either . . .neutral;
      Atheism (lower conscious): God/s does not exist.
      ♥ Ultimately, in my opinion (and not to offend) the Agnostic is more humane, because it at least accepts that their is the possibility something spiritually greater than the individual person. My thoughts are based on personal experience and growing with people who were once Agnostic and found their own spirituality or a religion. Likewise, growing apart from many atheist, and closer to many who sought to expand their consciousness.
      —For me, the Universe is God,, the ultimate Creator, Giver of Life, but this is just my take. Thanks Viby, great post, very thought provoking.
      Peace and always love, ♥ Egypt.

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      1. Your decision to define agnosticism as higher consciousness and atheism as lower consciousness is both arbitrary and self-serving. It also misses the point of each. One is about knowledge. The other is about what you actually believe. People often assert beliefs without claiming full knowledge of the matter. Hence, the possibility that both may happen at the same time.

        The bottom line is that you measure this topic according to promximity to your own beliefs, and having refused to take atheism seriously, you then label us as deficient, literally. I’m not offended, but I do take notice of the prejudice.

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        1. I understand what you are saying, but to say one is about belief and one is about knowledge is an overstatement when you look at both words, definitions and etymology. Both originate from belief systems –not concrete knowledge bases. I quoted my own experiences and my opinion because they were relevant to “origin” of the two words. Plus, I’m not speaking from a “believing” stand point, because “beliefs” allow us as to say there exist no Creative Force –aka God, Allah, Genesha, Ra . . . or whoever have you. Thank you for your reply Daniel, and my apologies if I came across as prejudice – – not the intent ♥

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  2. Check your definitions?

    Theist / Atheist is what you believe.
    Gnostic / Agnostic is what you know.

    I’m an agnostic atheist… I don’t know if there’s a god, but I don’t believe there is.
    My sister is a gnostic theist… she KNOWS there is a God.


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