Not too late to say sorry..

It’s not about being a star.

It’s about healing those scars,

Which I faced during my childhood.


When I had to be glad for what I never had.

When I had to be sad for what I always had.

All I wanted to have good times.

Maybe asking for that was another crime.


I never wanted to become a maniac.

Do you think I wanted to stay insomniac?

You don’t know how I lived through those years.

Neither I wish you could imagine what I had always feared.


Let’s make a fresh start.

Show me unconditional positive regard.

Say that you love me now.

I promise it is not too late to say sorry now.


5 thoughts on “Not too late to say sorry..

  1. Dear Viby,
    I appreciated your comment, “Amazing”! It’s not often that one gets feedback. About your latest poem: now I understand why you like “What Is There To Celebrate”. Obviously we were pondering similar problems.

    May I suggest one tiny thing, as one poet to another; may I suggest that you pay more attention to meter. It would make the poem stronger. Another thing I’ve found useful (suggested to me by a [famous] poet Cid Corman) – it’s leaving out words that you don’t really need and that don’t serve the poem, as in ‘my’ (last line, first stanza). And, did you really mean ‘maniac’? Did you become one? It’s ambiguous. Or is it a forced rhyme to rhyme with insomniac? Watch our for that. It’s such a tempting weakness which I recognize well.

    These were small suggestions to a moving poem – one which it was easy for one and all to identify with.

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    1. I love your feedback. For so long I have been waiting for some constructive criticism but I was unable to get it. You’re right. Now a days, writing poems is something which isn’t coming out naturally to me. Back when I was 14, I used to write better because that wasn’t forced.
      Maybe I need to think more about quality and should not worry about quantity.
      Hope we can keep in touch. By reading your comment, I realize how much you have to offer and how much I can learn from you.
      Maybe, I stopped learning, maybe I need to resume it.
      Thank You!


      1. How sweet! Of course we can and should keep in contact. Where are you, by the way? I’m in Sweden.

        You’re welcome too, to criticize. I was lucky to be introduced to the man I mentioned, Cid Corman. We had an odd and funny relationship. He was an acknowledged poet and scholar who lived in Japan and I would email my poetry to him. He, in return would mail me back tightly written post cards, in the tiniest handwriting, scathing, extremely critical reviews. I loved it. it used to make me laugh and laugh. At the same time he was saying murderingly critical things, he was also kind, encouraging and flattering. I never felt talentless – always talented. What a good experience. Sadly, he died aged 80 while visiting the USA, invited and celebrated. A university in America bought his papers for a quarter of a million dollars.

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        1. Sad to read that he passed away but I am sure he was a great personality and a great writer. I am an Indian and currently pursuing my BA degree in Applied Psychology.
          We can remain in contact through WordPress or my Email Id is
          I also have a facebook account.
          Let me know where and how I can contact you. You seem like a very articulate and talented person. Hope I will have the pleasure to learn from you. Thanks!


  2. You do me an honor to think that you can learn from me. I’m happy to give you all I know (whatever that is). I can learn from you too. One never knows how people influence and learn from one another. It’s a subtle process – this give and take. I’ll make you a Facebook friend and I’ll put you on my email contact list.
    My own email address is

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