New Year Resolutions

I didn’t make any resolutions for this year but I have a millions things going in my mind. I feel like I have so much to offer and so much to learn that I need to do something with my life.

I find true happiness and solace in certain things like writing being a primary example. It allows me to wander in my own world and I feel like I am doing something worthy.

Like any other teen, I have gone through the time when I felt jealous. Everyone at some point in life feels jealous, even sometimes from their own friends. Learning how to overcome it is an objective I will try to accomplish this year.

I am also thinking about starting a vlog on YouTube channel but I’ll need to really think about this one.

Overall, the main aim is to do as many things as possible and try to make it the best year ever. My best year so far has been 2008. I wish 2016 will outweigh the great things happened to me in 2008. I can only hope.



4 thoughts on “New Year Resolutions

  1. Hey Viby, I hope that 2016 is full of laughter, creating memories,great health, pursuing some dreams, laying the groundwork for longterm visions and knowing that you don;t have to get it right. just show up for yourself and you are off to the races. Peace, Harlon

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