This is the first day of January and also a new beginning. 2016 has finally arrived and 2015 has bid us goodbye and it deserves a retirement after a whole year of hard work, ha!

In the last post of 2015, I mentioned that the year was full of ups and downs and yes, it happens to everybody so nothing new in that, ha!

I initiated this blog back in 2014 and I do realize how much I have learned and evolved during those 2 years. I learned a lot about myself and my blog helped me express my feelings and also it was a morale booster and enhanced my self esteem and my vocabulary significantly.

I changed as a person and as a writer and this year I’ll try to modify my way of writing and add more flavors and elements to it to make it more appealing.

I started this blog thinking that I had nothing to lose and that we only get better with time and practice. Now, I am noticing that philosophy to be true. I have grown a lot and I am excited to think that I still have time to learn so much, ha!

I am planning to initiate different things this year and I hope I will make progression. I can only hope and remain optimistic. I don’t know but, 1st January, 2016 is giving me good vibes. My intuitions say this year will be a fantastic one but hey, I shouldn’t count my chicken before they hatch., ha!

Good luck everyone!