Last day of 2015

So, it was a wonderful  year. As always there were ups and downs and there were times when I felt completely shattered. I had to remind myself that these phases are bound to come in my way and that it is the journey that needs to be enjoyed and cherished. Lots of people come and go in life but you always have yourself in the end, you have the most amazing person in this world with you forever and that is you.

This was the year when I finished my high school and entered college with a reasonably good performance in examinations. This year I did a lot of different things and learned a lot about myself. Still have a long way to go but I am enjoying the ride.

I initiated different things and learned that it is important to remain in touch with friends, help each other, be with each other when the chips are down and completely stay loyal to each other no matter what. I have a fair share of mistakes I made this year but I am bound to make mistakes because I am just a human.

Hoping that next year will bring lots of happy moments and prosperity.

GEAR UP FOR 2016! Something amazing might happen.



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