Traditional learning: An old way?

While I won’t try to pretend that schools and higher education are a significant part of learning, I shall not ignore the fact that orthodox learning is no longer the only ticket to earn yourself skills which makes you stand out when you’re out in the real world on your own.

I’m not going to blabber about how useless the school is rather I’d like to say that to truly learn something now a days, we need to look out for opportunities outside the walls of the classroom and stop relying only upon our textbooks to teach us a lesson.

Growing social media has been indicating that times are going to change. At a global level, the spread of internet among the masses has been growing like a plague. There are a million ways to enhance a skill by the help of the internet and even more ways to earn money using a specific skill in which one has excelled.

Although, there is no denying that traditional schools and ways of learning have those kinds of benefits which holds significance in shaping life of a person.

Work environment and support of someone who can act as a mentor, i.e., a teacher is important as well. A teacher’s job is not only to explain us our textbooks. Teachers are also responsible to encourage leadership, creativity, curiosity and develop love for a subject. Therefore, even today, there is an enormous necessity for classroom environment and almost everyone still needs traditional schooling rather than trying to experiment with a new approach of learning.

I recently did a research on internet addiction and while conducting the research I came across another study in which I saw that currently 6 percent of the global population are internet addicted. I had a thought. More like a prediction. Reading about that statistic gave me a feeling that this number is only going to increase from now on (not hard to guess, right?) so maybe the best thing to invest time and money would be on digital media.

Of course, it only implies if you are willing to engage in productive activities online and in case you become an internet addict yourself then it is highly probable that you’d be at a gigantic loss. However, if you can do both traditional schooling and e-learning together and balance things out then it’d be most profitable.

Despite all the advantages and disadvantages of both forms of learning, it is worth a shot to wonder about it. One day, e-learning will be a preferred means of learning but as of now, we can only wonder.


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