Green grass looking greener than ever.
Brightness in the sky like a diamond is shining from heaven.
Smell of fresh air in the atmosphere; vanishes depression.
Cold wind ruffles my hair, I feel alive and I forget about my aggression.

I trudge toward a castle.
I hope it is not a mirage.
I feel awake and energetic, as if someone just gave me a massage.
Heavenly feeling covers me from head to toe.

Am I tired or is it something else?
I do not know.
If I am worried, I promise to myself I won’t let it show.
My throat dries, my muscles cries.
In the middle of a desert, I die.

The sensation is as good as drinking water on a hot sunny day.
I forget about all the worries I possessed once every day.
But I cannot forget my dear loved ones.
I feel relaxed as if I am sleeping on a cloud.
All the outrage fades away, I feel no temptation to shout.

I walk faster than before, no longer trudging to reach my goal.
I can see a light towards the end of that tunnel.
Am I finally entering into heaven?
I walk faster and the tunnel seems so near now.
Just then I walk past through it.
I see my loved ones standing there.

I reach them and open my mouth.
No sound comes out and I am thrown back to an old house.
It looks unpleasant and an eerie look about it frightens me to death.
But even though I am already dead, I am still scared of death.

Maybe I am not dead.
I open my eyes once again.
A twinkling light hits my eyes.
My family looks at me and cries.
I realize I am still alive.
I was so near to death yet I survived.
I am glad; I have another chance to live my life