You’re on my mind.
You’re in my heart.
Never ever shall we truly part.

You’re in my dreams.

You’re my happiness.
When I am with you.
I’m at my best.

My smile is wide.
My life is complete.
Whenever I have you here next to me.

You’re always in my thoughts.
Always on my mind.
And that’s how it will be.
Until the end of time.

Poetry can’t explain it.
Music can’t even touch.
The deepest emotions I feel at your touch.

I know you love me,
As much as I love you.
I can feel it,
When I’m next to you.

The minutes are hours.
The hours seem like days.
Before I can bask in
your presence and ways.

I love you, no matter if you believe it or not,
It will always be true.
Until eternity,
I’ll always love you.