10 New Tongue twisters compilation

1-Derek did a deed deliberately indeed to deliver the decorated door to Danny before dawn.

2-Brandon being a bad boy brought a bat to Boston to break the bones of bad boys to belittle the biased blatant bad boys.

3-Aaron argued and asked Ashton to assure Amy arrest Amber as Ashton argued and asked Aaron to be anonymous.

4-He held her hands and had a hat on his head while heading her to a hamlet and hand her a handbag.

5-Ron ran in the rain to drain his insane pain to run back to his cave in midst of rain to read readily the reality of rain.

6- Shrink the sink to fit two sinks, shuffle two shabby sinks to the side of a shabby sink to avoid a sin.

7- See the sun, sing a song to son, show son sun the sunshine of shimmering sun.

8-How to clean a car carrying a cunning caretaker coming from a city to take care of another caretaker carrying a carefree cat?

9- Six clicks within a blink, lick a chick, pick a stick, kick the chick, lick a chick, throw a brick, within a blink.

10-Sam sings a sonnet solemnly as a sacred secret surrounding a shadow of several sins setting Sam to sleep and surrender.


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